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I caught my daddy staring at my tits—-or at least the tits I’ve got.
My parents divorced when I was ten and went back and forth spending time with my father and my mother. I loved my daddy and I had a little crush on him as many girls probably do.

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On this particular night I had fixed daddy his favorite dinner and was setting the table. I was leaning forward to put his plate down in front of him and the blouse I was wearing fell away from my chest and gave him an eyefull. I tried not to make a fuss about it and just went on serving the food. We ate and chatted casually. I asked him if he was seeing anyone. Since the divorce he had lost the desire to date. I could tell that he was lonely.
Late one evening I was awakened by the need to urinate. I tried to ignore it and hoped it would need—it didn’t. I got up and staggered out into the hallway and down towards the bathroom. In my sleepy stupor I did not notice the light seeping out underneath the door. I turned the knob and pushed the door open. Sitting on the toilet with his pajama pants bundled down around his ankle Daddy was franticly masturbating, his face tightly pinched. I spotted clutched in his hand he had a pair of my panties wrapped around his sizeable erection. It lasted merely seconds but psychologically lasted a long time. When he spotted me standing there he turned red with shame and moved with an awkward suddeness to pull up his pajama pants. I appologized repeatedly as I ducked back into the hall and I retreated to my room. I had discovered that I had pissed myself. I cleaned myself up and put on a fresh pair of panties. I lay in bed for a long time with the image of Daddy jerking off with MY panties continued the play repeatedly in my mind until I thought I was gonna go insane. I did finally get to sleep.
The next morning there was a long awkward silence between us. We sat and ate breakfast. I could tell he was ashamed of what happened. I reached over and squeezed his hand. It’s all right, I told him.

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When I was younger Daddy and I used to take showers together. It was our secret special time together that I told no one about. I was fascinated by his penis. As we undressed and first got into the shower his penis just dangled down between his legs. It did not take long until it rose and stuck out straight from his thick bush surrounding it. I would not understanding the significance of this moment for many years and would recall foundly the intimate moment we shared together. He never, I should make quite clear, never touched me in any inappropriate way. As puberty and increased sexual knowledge grew this became a dark favorite fantasy of mine.
All these thoughts came flooding back as we sat there at the little kitchen table. I wonder if he recalled these moments together? Those old adolescent thoughts returned with a vengence. My heart was a boxer’s fist punching away inside my chest. I started to tell him about my fond memories of that time we spent. 
There was this very long silence. I stood up and walked to his side of the table. He was shyly looking up at my where he sat. I was still holding his hand.
I do you want me? I asked softly.
He looked up at me, tears swelled in his eyes.
I know you’re alone, I said to him. I hate to see you so sad.
With my free hand I tugged on the drawstring on my pajama pants which sent them slipping down around my ankles.
He was transfixed by the sight of me in my panties. He needed no further encouragement and pressed his face into my cotton crotch.
Beautiful, I heard him say in a soft muffled voice.
He quickly slipped my panties down my legs and tossed them aside. I opened my legs a bit and let him lick my pussy. His tongue flicked aand darted. I started to feel weak in the knees. Most of the boys I dated had a pretty simplistic style when it came eatting out my pussy and seldom stayed down there for than a few minutes. Daddy licked me for a good length of time and I was in danger of toppling over at several times. He sucked and nibbled on my clitoris until he brought me to a lovely orgasm. When he looked up at me Daddy’s face was shimmering with my juices. I smiled down him.

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He stood up and lifted me up into his arms. I felt like a little girl again being carried in his strong arms. We went into his room. He gently laid me down on the bed. I sat up and slipped down his pajama pants. They got momentarily caught on his erection but I tugged them free. His prick bounced like a springboard. I took it into my mouth. First the tip, drawing back the foreskin. I tasted the saltiness of pre come. He sighed softly and ran his finger through my hair. I let the length of his cock sink into my mouth until his testicles hairs bristled against my chin. I only sucked for a few mintues before he pushed me away.
Are you a virgin? Daddy asked.
I wish I was, I told him.
It doesn’t matter, he said and slowly sank his cock into eager sweet pussy. He was proportionately largere than any of the other boys I’d had sex with. With each thrust of his hips I would counter with a thrust of mine own. The rhythm gradually quickened, our perspiration mingled. I wrapped my legs around his back and became absolutely lost in the choir of pleasures I was experiencing. He was vety sweet and asked numerous times if I was all right. I could not even summon words and merely nodded my head.
When he finally came Daddy pulled his cock out, which glistened with my pussy juices, and dischanged his load over my belly. It collected in a small white pool in my navel.
We’d fuck several times before the weekend was over and I had to go back home to my mother. I hope she didn’t notice that I was waling a little funny as I headed for the car. She did. I told her that Daddy and I were play wrestling and I tumbled over and twisted my leg. The explanation satified her and only said that he should remember that I was a grown girl now and not his little tomboy. The remark almost made me burst out laughing, but I kept my composure. 
When I got home I found an e mail from Daddy. Attached he sent a photo of his erect cock. I followed his lead a sent him a photo of pussy. Since we both had webcams we could perform for one another whenever we were apart.
I hope it the beginning of many happy years together.