Bad Seed Ch. 6 by pars001

“Trigon, can you project the path my brother’s ship took?” Wren asked. “Extrapolating now Master Wren. “It appears that he has withdrawn much deeper into this unknown area of space.” The A.I. Trigon replied. “Alright, I want as much speed as you can make. This energy trail won’t last forever. Then again,” Wren stopped as

Lost Empire 82 by pars001

0001 – Tempro 0003 – Conner- Thomas 0097 – Ace – Zimmel 0098 – Lucy 0101 – Shelby (mother ship) 0125 – Lars 0130 – Gillese 0200 – Ellen 0250 – Tendra 0301 – Rodrick 0403 – Johnathon 0778 – Jan 0798 – Celeste – Shelby (human) 0805 – Toran 0808 – Radella 0881 –

Sam 32 by pars001

Solar time unit = year planetary time unit = day —————————— Sam was heading away from the IP world as fast as he could. Thankfully the draining had stopped and the sun was getting him back to feeling normal. A look at the fleet showed that the wave that he and Thantas had used knocked

The Yoni Flower (Plants of Pleasure Chapters 1-2) by bl_overman

Author’s Note: If you’re into plants that make women horny and phallic flowers capable of giving hot, voluminous creampies, this story is for you! This story takes place in the same world as Amazonian Womb Worms, about 10 months after Lena’s story ends. If you’re interested in cock-shaped worms fucking their way into wombs and

Sam 33 EPILOGUE by pars001

Solar time unit = year planetary time unit = day —————————– Not that far from Queen Triada’s planet a portal opened, a moment three human like figures emerged. The male looked at the planet then headed toward it. Queen Triada’s head turned toward the sky as did the Cliverstone’s. A small smile crossed her features,