Horny step daddy stories

I was going to get laid tonight. At the very least, that is what I tried to convince myself. My sex life had vanished entirely. My spouse had, not long after transforming 50, proclaimed that she had actually lost all interest in sex. Sadly for me I hadn’t, so in my mid 50’s my sex

Daddy’s Sunburn Treatment Sex stories

“Hi, mom.” Candi greeted her mom in a tired voice as she walked in the house with her suitcases in hand, “I think I might have stayed out a little bit too long that last day.” Candi could barely move without having pain from her sunburn. “Hi, sugar,” Ted said, as he saw his 18-year-old

Dr Clarrisa’s Young Stud Erotic story

The only thing which indicated her age of fifty five years was Clarissa’s grey hair. She had ‘gone grey’ a decade earlier, possibly due to the strains of her medical practice, as well as a hurtful divorce. But over the ensuing years she had managed to keep herself looking very attractive, keeping in trim, by