The Ball Boy Experiment: Chapter 2: Team Meating by Sam_Clayborn

“Oh, fuck yeah. Suck my cock,” Jake Hall moaned. “Oooh, that feels great.” He was laying in her bed, pants strewn across the floor nearby. For the first time in over 2 weeks, his girlfriend was giving him head. Ally looked up at him wordlessly from between his legs, and kept working at him. He’d

A WTF Moment – 00 by Luvagobfull

I was slowly started to awake with my body facing down but slightly to the side and hugging a pillow. I could hear music playing somewhere and heard people chattering. My head was spinning and I kept seeing these flashbacks of a dream I must have had. I felt the urge to get up, but

Frat Boys Discovery by neXXen

It was the summer after his freshman year at college. Luke Delacroix was back in his well-to-do suburban neighborhood; the kind of area where people believe in the American Dream and complain about their property taxes. Streets were lined with towering trees, forming an emerald ceiling, well maintained pools waited behind pristine fences, and there

A Tribe For Tethys, Part 2 Chapter 12 by MimiRay

Chapter 12: Songs of Love Carl and I are showered and shaved, the sheets are freshly changed, and I lay atop him in the August heat. His cock is deeply embedded inside me, but it’s resting here, just enough movement between the two of us to keep it firm and inserted. It’s not going to