My Boss Is a Shemale

I slowly put my tongue on it. It’s so hard and solid. I feel like I could break my skull on it. I can feel her breathing and shiver as I slowly put the head in my mouth, so warm. I alternate between suck the head and licking the shaft, even giving some attention to

Magda’s cleaning girl takes charge

It had been 2 months since Magda Carter had hired the new cleaning company, but she hadn’t yet felt comfortable around the 24 year old girl they had been sending. Magda considered herself a refined upper- middle class woman. She was in good shape for a 37 year old 5’4″ woman. She’d been told that

Afternoon in the zoo

She knocked on my door just as I was giving final instructions to the babysitter, a spectacular feat of timing when you consider she’d come all the way from Texas. I flung open the door and she swarmed over me in a hug. It’s really kind of like that, there’s very nearly a foot’s difference

Lisa finds a lonely ice cream girl to play with

Lisa was an attractive brunette, 34 years old, curvy but didn’t show it off dressed in dark blue sweatpants and a matching Hoodie from Adidas. She enjoyed dressing casually so as not to be noticed, she preferred to be the observer. She was dozing off, daydreaming as she always did when she watched the people

Emily’s bisex story

Once we were in bed, I quickly had my stud go down on my cuckhold until my husband came in his mouth. Then I ordered my husband to lie facedown on the bed. We lubed his butt, and then I held my husband’s arms while my stud slowly entered cuckhold hubbie’s butt. For the last

Madeleine has been working late with her new boss

Madeleine was working late with her new boss Deirdre. They’d been working late for two weeks trying to tidy the mess left by the previous manager. At last they’d cleared the backlog. Deirdre sighed, looked directly at Madeleine, and stretched up her arms – her large soft breasts pushed forward in her skintight jumper making

Dee and I had some fun

After a sex filled evening Greg left us naked and used , thankfully he covered us up before taking his camera and left the room.I slightly remember some time in the night he returned urging Dee to come with him.But as Gina moved closer to me I paid little attention to Dee leaving .Some how