Paradise in Suburbia, Pt. 1 by JackHoff96

“Ok Courtney, you and Jessica are in charge ’til I get back. I’m really sorry to leave you and Jacob all alone, but your Aunt Julie really needs me right now. I know you’re responsible enough to handle this. I’ll be back tomorrow morning, be nice to your brother and call me if you need

Hagrid takes advantage of Hermione by sex ringmaster

In case you don’t know what these characters look like, here are some brief descriptions Hermione: Just think of Emma Watson or google her or something Hagrid: Big guy, like 9 feet tall, kinda fat, long bristly beard and hair. Harry: Skinny, untidy black hair, glasses, scar on his forehead Ron: tall, red hair, freckles

Paradise in Suburbia, Pt. 2 by JackHoff96

“Orgasm?’ What does that mean? Can everyone do it?” Jacob asked, still coming down from the indescribable high of his first-ever climax, at the hands (and mouth) of his sister and her friend. “Can I do it again??” “Yes, everyone can do it, and MAYBE we’ll give you one again, after you help us get

The Girl – Stories: Mission 10 by boardpin123

The next days weren’t that taxing. Lilly with the help of Marianne managed to cover for the girls, Lilly taking the most of the weight. She did not understand how Marianne was doing it, but she got only the light, sensual stuff with rich clients, while Lilly got debasement, degradation, humiliation and rough sex. Maybe

The Letter by lastone222

The LetterBy lastone222 A teenage boy vividly recounts the sex with his girlfriend in a letter breaking off the relationship, whom has turned to the slutty side. But he has unknown issues to address about himself, like the fact he enjoys fucking her after some else has, and the truth he was actually getting off