The Fall of Brooklyn – ch10 – The Party Begins by DeeplyPerverted

“Let me introduce tonight’s main course. Twins, they were from the first batch produced with fertility drugs and were one set of two twins in the litter. They have been set aside by me for this very night.” “They have been raised on a diet of grains and berries. They are both virgins and until

Sexual Shenanigans of Trump Supporters: Kyle Rittenhouse feat. Ana Kasparian by Doc Forbin

It was the day before thanksgiving. I was driving home along the ocean when I decided to stop and admire the view. I pulled over at the top of a high bluff above the beach. I had my custom built AR-15 rifle with me and had just won a local competition. Easy to conceal it

The Fall of Brooklyn – ch11 – Dinner and a Show by DeeplyPerverted

She was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. From being held in this position for hours, from crying at what she had become, and watching the scenes of death in front of her. She didn’t have the energy to cry or even think. She just passively watched as the hell before her soaked into her mind.