My Wife Mandy loses a bet

It had been almost six months since Mandy and I had played strip pool with our friend Nick. He had started seeing a girl, and she definitely was not the type to even consider getting involved in anything like that. Of course, either would Mandy unless she had been drinking. Anyway, Nick called us up

The weekend visit

Lauren had just got home from work that afternoon. She had changed into a T shirt and a light sarong and she collapsed on the couch, a little tired. Her husband was having an old friend over for the weekend and so, besides having to work today, she had just cleaned the house. Her thoughts

My Wife Fucks a Stranger for Me

It’s funny the things that turn us on. I got divorced because my first wife was cheating on me. I am remarried now and get totally aroused by the idea of watching my wife fucking someone else. I remember the first time I ever mentioned this to her six years ago. We were well into

The Stranger Peers In

Mike watched Jon from the window of the apartment complex. Jon was hugging his wife and kids before leaving them and sneaking his way to Mike’s place. Jon climbed the stairs and Mike could see Jon’s hardness through his pants. He was coming to fuck Mike’s girlfriend, Morgan. Mike was probably harder than Jon. After