The Ball Boy Experiment: Chapter 2: Team Meating by Sam_Clayborn

“Oh, fuck yeah. Suck my cock,” Jake Hall moaned. “Oooh, that feels great.” He was laying in her bed, pants strewn across the floor nearby. For the first time in over 2 weeks, his girlfriend was giving him head. Ally looked up at him wordlessly from between his legs, and kept working at him. He’d

Making Secrets pt.2 by Exhibitionist_Couple

I woke up the next morning with both a smile and a horny pussy. How is it that after getting fucked three times yesterday, I could still wake up wanting more?! Just replaying yesterday’s events in my mind… the look of Ben’s face when I was naked in front of him… I craved more! I

The Fall of Brooklyn – ch12- The After Party by DeeplyPerverted

Brooklyn was shaking with fear again as the younger Miss and a maid helped her down from her display stand. Was this it? How was he going to do it? Was he going to let his girlfriend strangle her? At least it wouldn’t hurt that much. They bound her hands behind her back and she

Volleyball Girls by tkdking480

I realized what he was looking at, two high school girls who looked to be sophomore’s in volleyball uniforms, one was a 5’ 4” dirty blonde and tan while the other was an inch taller, pale skin and light blonde. They were wearing long white sleeve athletic shirts and black spandex shorts that barley covered