Audreys World Sex Tour by xanadu22

CH.1 THE COLLEGE SEXPERIENCE You probably think that most Mormon girls grow up in a stable family, go to a Mormon college, marry a Mormon man, have 8 children, and live happily ever after. That’s the stereotype isn’t it? That probably is true for most Mormon girls. But the life this one was handed was

Backstage Pass 5: Punishment in the Little Cabin by Affable Oldster

When Harold had removed himself from the muffin’s prostrate form, Bill released the sobbing teen from her bondage, allowed her to shake some feeling back into her limbs, attached her wrist cuffs together behind her back, and frog marched her across the little clearing to the other wooden shack. Inside was a homemade saw horse

Backstage Pass 6: Coming Together by Affable Oldster

It took a few minutes for Bill and me to lower the ropes, return the muffin to an upright position, and unfasten her cuffs from the apparatus while Alastair packed up the video equipment for transport back to the larger cabin. It was getting chilly in the late afternoon, and the other cabin had that

Backstage Pass 2: First Fuck by Affable Oldster

Once Bill and I had climbed over the fence, things happened fast. The straps holding the muffin on the litter were removed and she was carried into the larger of the two cabins. It smelled musty and woodsy with autumn leaves. Along the back wall was a dirty mattress on a box spring with posts

My Sons Migraines (Ch 4) by fuzzybunnylove

This story is a work of fantasy. None of it is true. Don’t use it for inspiration. Don’t hurt people you love. [Read Chapters 1, 2 & 3 before proceeding] Chapter 1: (4100 words) Chapter 2: (1650 words) Chapter 3: (2300 words) Chapter 4 is 3500 words I slept in the next