Alternating Weekends by sandstorm3636

On the curb in front of her mother’s new boyfriend’s house, Mandy stood with her arms crossed, waiting for her father’s familiar station wagon to pull up. It had been two weeks since her parents’ divorce was settled in court and it was her first weekend to spend with her father. To say that she

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 08 by KristinKailey

Chapter Sixteen: A Private Party It had been a month since I felt the warm sun on my skin at the farm and I hadn’t since left the quaint single story abode that my Master inherited after his mother died. I was comfortable with my routines as they gave me structure and comfort. Sometimes he

Vol. 2 – Mom definitely heard my mature playmate by slyde503

After realizing that my mother had come home from work about three hours early, my mind was putting it all together. The noise I heard wasn’t my keys, it was hers. She had obviously come inside knowing someone else was here with me, and when she saw the pile of clothes in the den, she

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 05 by KristinKailey

Chapter Nine: The Contract and Adornments. The relief that I felt from finally having an orgasm was short-lived as it wasn’t long before the regular masturbation and edging sessions had brought me back into a pink cloud of desperate arousal. Even as Master allowed me to experience more and more climaxes, it was never enough

My unexpected journey – part 3 by Desire2beagurl

Ring, ring, ring. I start to regain consciousness as I reach over to the nightstand where my phone rattles as it rings again and again. I manage to grab my phone, my eyes barely open enough to push the button to answer it. “Hello,” I say hoarsely, my throat dry and sticky. “Get up sleepy-head,”

Meals on Wheels 4- Ruth by slyde503

Please feel free to leave a comment, especially if you are going to leave a negative rating. I am always trying to improve my writing. Throughout my escapades with the mature women on my volunteer delivery route, my desires always seemed to come back to Ruth. I think I was mostly attracted to the fact