I Fuck my First Pregnant Woman by maddie345

I agreed to mow a friends lawn while they were away overseas. The first time I did it their daughter Sue was there checking the house to see everything was ok. She had a girlfriend with her. The girlfriend was pregnant. When I came around to mow the back lawns I saw them in the

My Prostitute Mom Pt1 by Matt720

Dad had just left for work and I sat at the kitchen table watching my Mom washing the breakfast stuff at the sink. With her back to me she certainly was a MILF, a Mother I would like to fuck. My mates have even confessed that my Mom had sometimes been in their imaginations as

Threat of homlessness Pt1 by Matt720

I am 28 years old and life was good till the pandemic, then I lost my job, had to sell my car and struggled to pay for my flat rent. I saw Kathleen the flat owner and she told me she had some jobs I could do to in lieu of rent at her home

The Letter by lastone222

The LetterBy lastone222 A teenage boy vividly recounts the sex with his girlfriend in a letter breaking off the relationship, whom has turned to the slutty side. But he has unknown issues to address about himself, like the fact he enjoys fucking her after some else has, and the truth he was actually getting off

Test Hypnosis by Hypnotist DG

This is not a story, it is a simple hypnosis test. If you are looking for erotic sex scenes, then you might as well look somewhere else. I offer a chance to experience a light hypnosis test. So if you want to see some small example read on. There are so many different ways to

Cindis Top Tips for Sibling Success by Zenythmon

CINDI’S TOP TIPS FOR SIBLING SUCCESS by Cindi Barton with Holly Rennick GHOSTWRITER’S NOTES My friend Cindy Barton, supporting character in my fledgling “Writer’s Notebook” may have usurped my role as leading lady. Her science-teacher flippant friendliness was, I’ll admit, sometimes a challenge to transcribe. But readers seem to appreciate frank advice. At the request

Ace Seduction by Ace Hearts

Ok Ladies N Gentlemen This is Ace…The Master SeducerBut I started out as a complete twat when it came to women a complete twat….i barely dated more than four girls in Hi-School…Well Anyway i realised wat really turned them on…wasn,t really some1 as good lookin as me but somone who was arrogant n funny. Not

Thea – Chapter Four by penstroke

Thea -Chapter Four – When the car with Jake in it became a dot on the horizon, Thea turned to go back in the house. Suddenly Floyd appeared. “Mrs. Thea, how you be?”Smiling, she knew immediately what he wanted. He had that look and a glance at his crotch confirmed it. The imprint of his