Hagrid takes advantage of Hermione by sex ringmaster

In case you don’t know what these characters look like, here are some brief descriptions Hermione: Just think of Emma Watson or google her or something Hagrid: Big guy, like 9 feet tall, kinda fat, long bristly beard and hair. Harry: Skinny, untidy black hair, glasses, scar on his forehead Ron: tall, red hair, freckles

Sexual Shenanigans of Trump Supporters: Kyle Rittenhouse feat. Ana Kasparian by Doc Forbin

It was the day before thanksgiving. I was driving home along the ocean when I decided to stop and admire the view. I pulled over at the top of a high bluff above the beach. I had my custom built AR-15 rifle with me and had just won a local competition. Easy to conceal it

The Rape of Bucha by Doc Forbin

If you are a young girl in Donetsk, watch out! Ukraine’s Azov Battalion will do anything to vent their sexual frustrations, they couldn’t care less if you are a Ukrainian. Oleksandra was watching the soldiers around her, casting a glance in the direction of her friends Sofiia and Anastasiia, who quietly watched the soldiers preparing

Harry Potter and Shrieking Shack by Primality

Harry Potter and Shrieking Shack (All events that are in this story take place during the 6th book, “The Half Blood Prince. Also, it is during the first term of school about October time.) Harry awoke with a start. He had been having nightmares about Voldemort again. He found himself to be sweating so he