White Girls by The HornyImp

Twisted Tales: White Girls It was a spur decidion that saw Cindy and Kelly decide to duck out late one night to the all night store. The girls being the young spritley things they were thought they would just quickly walk there and grab some snacks for the sleepover. Kelly was sleeping over at her

Best Friends Forever 2 by zavix

The next day was Sunday and as odd a day as I have ever had. I went through the day looking at mom, she looking at me. She wore ashort lose skirt, bare legs and a tee-shirt that revealed no brassierebeneath. Whenever she was near, and she frequently found some reasonto do so, she touched

Best Friend Forever 4 by zavix

Sunday -*- I had gone to bed by myself and woke with Lisa in my arms – her eyeswere open and she looked so innocent, so delicious. I kissed her. “Good morning brother-dear.” “Good morning Lisa.” At that moment I recalled the day before – the long torturous and verysexy lesbian shows choreographed by Gerald.

Sarachan by x__orion

Rain. Always rain. He supposed it was fitting, really. The wet pines gave off a heavy smell, the trunks glistening with raindrops and wet lichen. The spongy ground gave slightly under his feet as he tramped through the grass, his shins being whipped with low twigs and strong stems. The feeling in the pit of