Wedding trip by Big Red One

The Wedding Trip Friends and I had been invited to a wedding but the problem was it was interstate and we all had to work on Friday and Monday meaning the travel time was going to involve some lengthy night driving. Plans change and with me being newly single, Shelley and her husband Greg sat

An Orc/Elf Situation by MightBeRealz

The Elf knocked fertively on the door, a large cloak and hood obscuring his features. His hands, tiny and pale, shook slightly as a series of interior locks could be heard turning, the man’s hands clenching and unclenching his cloak. His breath quickened as the door swung open to reveal a dark interior, the harsh

The Repairman Chapter 2 by strywriter

The Repairman Chapter 2 Jane called Jack and filled him in on what she had done and what she was planning to do this evening. He congratulated her and told her to see if the guys would stay overnight so they could all play tomorrow. After that she planned dinner, shopped, then showered and made

Broken Hearts by randomfantasies

The summer pool barbecue party was well underway with a real mix of age groups and diverse occupations. The hosts, Ben and Claire, were both leading citizens in their community; Ben, an active twenty-five-year veteran of the fire department, and Claire, a clinical psychologist at the local general hospital. Their guests gathered today ranged from