Humbled (James Bondage One Shot) by [James Bondage]

“Very interesting” Jasmine muttered sarcastically as her pen sailed across the page. Normally she’d be taking notes, but that was no longer necessary with her current client. She had this young man figured out. In cases like his, she would often doodle while the subject was under hypnosis. Her questions would occasionally spark a new

Missy: Day Sixteen – Spa Treatments by MissAdventurous

“Ahhhh!” I cried out as the burning stretch I was experiencing turned into pure pain. “Shhh, shh little one,” Abuela murmured, twisting her four fingers counter-clockwise in my pussy. “It’s a good hurt.” I sagged back onto the gynecological table and tried once again, unsuccessfully, to close my spread legs. When I had entered the

Working the fare off. by maddie345

I was 18 when I was at a party with my boyfriend. We used to fuck together and that night he took me up to one of the bedrooms to fuck me. I liked him and what we did. After we fucked he told me to wait there and not to get dressed. He came

The Sect by Matt720

I am… or was a normal 35 year old divorced heterosexual guy. One of the boys, a alpha type if you will, that liked sport, cars and girls. And maybe that was why they has chose me. I say chose, what they actually did was abduct me. The they I am referring to is a