Horny step daddy stories

I was going to get laid tonight. At the very least, that is what I tried to convince myself. My sex life had vanished entirely. My spouse had, not long after transforming 50, proclaimed that she had actually lost all interest in sex. Sadly for me I hadn’t, so in my mid 50’s my sex

My wife and black lover Voyeur sex stories

My new wife and I had an amazing experience a few weeks ago on our honeymoon that we both have talked and thought about a LOT since it happened. A bit about us. I’m Josh, a hardworking sales guy from the midwest. I am white, tall and reasonably handsome 33 year old. My wife is

College Cutie Turned Hottie erotic stories

It was early evening and he could hear the sound of the steady rain turning to sleet outside, as he answered his phone. It was the hottie next door, calling to ask for his help, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I need to ask a favor.” He hoped she was calling him for a

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Erotic stories

A little over a year ago, I graduated from high school and got a job as a Dentist’s Receptionist. The pay was terrible and I was living at home with my parents, brown-bagging my lunches and driving a ten year-old car to work. Then, one night at aerobics class, a woman, Sheri, approached me about

Alicia’s First Gang-Bang Sex story

WARNING — If you’re under 18 or turned off by sex stories, then don’t read this. If you liked this story, PLEASE send me some feedback! I need to know what you guys think! Also, if you should have any stories or pics that go along with this story, let me know! Alicia was only

Secretarial Help Porn stories

My secretary, Lynda Billings, is very efficient. She manages to keep on top of all my appointments and sees to it that my calendar doesn’t get too hectic – which, when you’re in middle management in the computer industry, is no small task. I suppose most would call her attractive – she’s 5’10, brunette hair

Something I Have Always Wanted To Do Sex story

I have been in the market for a new house for a few weeks. I call a good friend of mine who represents a housing developer. He says he will be happy to show me the model homes that evening. See, Michael is a very attractive friend. Tall, light brown hair and stunning blue eyes.

Grandma Dearest Sex stories

I already had a good relationship with my grandson, Jason, before my husband died. The boy helped me all the time with household chores such as clearing dishes from the table, mowing the grass, and running errands for me. He spent lots of time with me in the nursing home and stood next to me

Cyndi’s Neighborhood Taboo sex stories

It was a hot, humid cloudy summer morning. Cyndi was bored being home all alone. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her Daddy. It was Wednesday, so he was at work. Her best friend Maggie Peterson used to live next door, but Maggie’s parents divorced six months ago. Maggie now lives with her