Unrequited love of an older sister – Lars’ side of the story by SeriousWriter

Unrequited love of an older sister – Lars’ side of the story This story is part 1.5 of the story “Unrequited love of an older sister”, that I published earlier, telling the events from Lars’ side. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you should read it first. Part 2 will follow soon. “I love

Paradise in Suburbia, Pt. 1 by JackHoff96

“Ok Courtney, you and Jessica are in charge ’til I get back. I’m really sorry to leave you and Jacob all alone, but your Aunt Julie really needs me right now. I know you’re responsible enough to handle this. I’ll be back tomorrow morning, be nice to your brother and call me if you need

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 08 by KristinKailey

Chapter Sixteen: A Private Party It had been a month since I felt the warm sun on my skin at the farm and I hadn’t since left the quaint single story abode that my Master inherited after his mother died. I was comfortable with my routines as they gave me structure and comfort. Sometimes he

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 06 by KristinKailey

Chapter Twelve: Cunt’s Night Out We seemed to drive forever before the vehicle finally came to a stop and the engine shut off. The air was cool as the car door opened, I felt my seat belt unclipped and my Master’s hand gripped my lean arm to help guide me out. I blindly grasped the

Monster Haven, Pt 1 by MentalOrgasm

The sun was beginning to set, and Kendra and her sister Dawn had been walking for hours. Thoughrally exhausted, they both decided it was high time to make camp. Their journey through the mountains had been treacherous; thankfully the small continent was not large enough to support gargantuan mountains. However Kendra knew that tomorrow they

Karlas Brainwashing Room 2: A weird punishment to break a stubborn lesbian slave by GabyDom

====Know the Special Room designed to breakdown Karla and transform her in a “never go back” Lesbian Slave and FuckSow, where she is trained to receive her Mistress and her friends, all focused to humiliate and degrade Karla. ENJOY====================== Please, read the prequels if you like this Story: PREQUEL – Karla’s Descent to Hell –


INNOCENT DEVIL’S HAREM CH. 07 — Kai risks exposing secret on date with Busty Redhead. (Copyright 2020 Kaizer Wolf) Submitted to Sexstories: April 5, 2022 Tags: harem, supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, mystery ***** Hi there! Thanks for checking out this story! This series is written like a novel, so be sure to start