Jias Awakening Ch 4.5 – Jessas story and family secrets by torontojeffguy

Jia’s Awakening Ch 4.5 : Jessa’s Story and Family Secrets Author’s note: This actually takes place between chapters 4 and 5. She got home from school and threw down her backpack beside the door. Again, no homework that day, so Jessa could relax. Next she stripped off her tshirt and skirt, leaving her wearing nothing

Sex Ed Lesson 2 – The Girls Class by WishKnight

Helen Boyer surveyed glanced up at the clock on the classroom wall and with a couple of hard raps on her desk with the butt end of a ruler, quickly brought her fifth period Human Sexuality and Family Planning class to order. “Okay everyone,” she ordered, “please open your books to chapter eleven, page two