Loving Courtney…The True Story by George in Cincy

Loving Courtney…the True Story Earlier this year, I wrote my first attempt at erotic romantic fiction here on XNXX called ‘Loving Courtney’ The story, which became a series thanks to the votes and comments from you, Kind Readers, was seemingly well received. Now I would like to relate all the facts that brought the series

What is a psionic? by Nightowl12398

b]Author’s comment:[/b] It has come to my attention that not everyone reading my stories is familiar with the term “Psionic”. I will therefore make an effort to explain the concept, all though the best insight available is still the story “Camp” by Michael Sharpe. Whether this is his actual name I don’t know but I

adventure with win by whatthewhat

So this was the other day. I wanted to have sex. By want to have sex, of course, i mean want to have sex really bad. I really want to have sex. so i walked down the street. i saw a ggirl. i askerd her what the fucking hell is your fucking name bitch. fucking

All you need to know by HollowHeart

Disclaimer and rules The following is 100 percent fictional. All characters are fictional and their stories begin a few weeks before their 18th birthday (for plot reasons), all sex stuff happens after they turn 18. The things I will write about abhor me as concepts and I do not condone them in any sense of

Southwestern-Style Ass Hair MeatLoaf by crustybunger

Southwestern-Style Ass Hair MeatLoaf INGREDIENTS:•1 pound ground beef, lean•3/4 to 1 pound ground veal•1 egg•1/2 cup fine dry bread crumbs•1 can (approx. 4 1/4 ounces) chopped ripe olives•1 can (4 ounces) chopped mild green chile pepper•1 cup corn kernels•1/2 cup salsa, plus more for topping•1 teaspoon onion powder•¾ teaspoon garlic powder•1/8 teaspoon pepper•Hair from one

You would be fucking surprised. by Wimmers

You would be fucking surprised The first Saturday each month is a very special day for Randolph and Henrietta. Even 40 years of marriage has not dulled their excitement for this day as they wait in anticipation of the postman’s delivery. They cuddle and smile at each other childlike as footsteps can be heard approaching

Rapin Asian Bitches by kingkid330

For your information. Im lonely. I’m stopping every thirty minutes in my journey to write a little blurb in this xnxx.com sex storie page. IM about to go inside of a house. I’m going to fuck every Asian girl in their. I’m going to fuck them in the ass the pussy in the mouth and