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I was going to get laid tonight. At the very least, that is what I tried to convince myself. My sex life had vanished entirely. My spouse had, not long after transforming 50, proclaimed that she had actually lost all interest in sex. Sadly for me I hadn’t, so in my mid 50’s my sex

Engineering School porn story

Dear Reader,What you are about to read is a work of fiction. This story contains unethical behavior, and that means it shouldn’t be copied in real life. If you can’t distinguish fantasy from reality, or the fine line between the two is a little fuzzy for you, then please seek some professional help before you

Jenny’s Work Erotic stories

She looked in the mirror and thought, I look okay. Jenny was 19 with light brunette hair and light blue eyes. Her small, perky 32b tits reveled themselves nicely in the blue hi-luster button-blouse she wore. Along with her black pleated miniskirt and three inch heels that took her 5 foot 7 frame to 5

The Teacher Sex stories

It was an early spring day in Maine. Ms. Malone, my English teacher, had just completed her lecture on contemporary American literature. Throughout her talk, all I could see were her boobs bouncing up and down inside her blouse. I tried, but failed, to decide whether they were enclosed in a bra or not. Sometimes