My Weekend With Dawn – Sunday Afternoon With Autumn by Sofa_King227

“Autumn just texted me and let me know that she had the most amazing night with us and was sorry she snuck out early this morning. She said wanted to let us have some time alone for ourselves because we just looked so amazing sleeping in each other’s arms. Then she asked if we could


She is naked apart from heels, stockings, garter belt and a cup-less bra. Nick is making a show of fastening the straps on her magnificent thighs and obviously enjoying her flaunting her lush, almost naked body for Sarah and I. He is wearing just tight fitting skimpy black briefs and is obviously well hung. In

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 07 by KristinKailey

Chapter Thirteen: Free at Last The light poured into my blue eyes as they blinked open. A dingy yellow floral curtain blew lightly from the wind of an open window. The soreness of my face and on the tender skin of my ass served as painful reminders of the night before. The peeling yellow floral

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 08 by KristinKailey

Chapter Sixteen: A Private Party It had been a month since I felt the warm sun on my skin at the farm and I hadn’t since left the quaint single story abode that my Master inherited after his mother died. I was comfortable with my routines as they gave me structure and comfort. Sometimes he

Karla’s Brainwashing Room by GabyDom

====Know the Special Room designed to breakdown Karla and transform her in a “never go back” Lesbian Slave and FuckSow, where is trained to receive her Mistress and her friends, all focused to humiliate and degrade Karla. ENJOY====================== Please, read the prequels if you like this Story: PREQUEL – Karla’s Descent to Hell – The