Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 5 – A Broken Ornament by SKOLL

FETISH WARNINGS: This story gets VERY disgusting and brutal. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories “horror”. These niche things appear in THIS chapter. If any are not your thing, just back out now. You’ve been warned! Rape/Abuse/Violence toward women Torture/Pain/Crying/Sadism Incest Young girl Bondage Gross smelling/tasting Armpit licking Sweat licking Eating creampie

My Weekend With Dawn – Sunday Afternoon With Autumn by Sofa_King227

“Autumn just texted me and let me know that she had the most amazing night with us and was sorry she snuck out early this morning. She said wanted to let us have some time alone for ourselves because we just looked so amazing sleeping in each other’s arms. Then she asked if we could


I am to please and be pleased sexually. I love being licked and teased and I love having a second man every four weeks or so, not mention another woman as a balance for my man – and me. “I told two of my girlfriends about our sex life over coffee today baby,” I tell


She is naked apart from heels, stockings, garter belt and a cup-less bra. Nick is making a show of fastening the straps on her magnificent thighs and obviously enjoying her flaunting her lush, almost naked body for Sarah and I. He is wearing just tight fitting skimpy black briefs and is obviously well hung. In


“You look very fuckable and your ass looks wonderful framed in that g-string,” I tell her as she ogles my now semi-erect cock. “And you too baby,” she smiles as she puts on her dress, then her heels. “I want us to be the center of attention. Is my dress too short, does my ass

My Life: Part 15: Initiation of the Bunker by The Story Author

It was mid-week when Mounika excitedly sent photos of the bunker to the prepaid. She had found a coupe of beds for cheap at IKEA and decorated with new sheets and pillows. It looked fantastic. By the weekend, another text from her said simply “Tuesday will be fun!” On Tuesday, I woke up a bit


INNOCENT DEVIL’S HAREM CH. 04 — Kai gets 3rd reward for saving her Hot Redhead friend. (Copyright 2020 Kaizer Wolf) Submitted to Sexstories: March 25, 2022 Tags: harem, supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde ***** – CHAPTER 4: Reaction – Dammit. “Someone’s here,” I explained, extremely annoyed. But it was obvious from her expression that

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 08 by KristinKailey

Chapter Sixteen: A Private Party It had been a month since I felt the warm sun on my skin at the farm and I hadn’t since left the quaint single story abode that my Master inherited after his mother died. I was comfortable with my routines as they gave me structure and comfort. Sometimes he