The Girl – Stories: Mission 5 by boardpin123

Lilly woke with a start. She was still on the floor, and it was nearly completely dark. She guessed the sun was setting outsite. — “No. No. No.” — she heard one of the girls beside her whisper. Lilly looked at her. She was terrified out of her mind. From the way the car was

The Girl – Stories: Mission 13 by boardpin123

Lilly did not manage to even dose off throughout the night. She was crouched in the middle of the shower room, naked. Her hands were tied behind her back, and pulled up by a rope hanging from the ceiling. Her legs were tied, thigh to shin, in a “frog tie”, and she was balancing on

Backstage Pass 5: Punishment in the Little Cabin by Affable Oldster

When Harold had removed himself from the muffin’s prostrate form, Bill released the sobbing teen from her bondage, allowed her to shake some feeling back into her limbs, attached her wrist cuffs together behind her back, and frog marched her across the little clearing to the other wooden shack. Inside was a homemade saw horse

The Girl – Stories: Mission 7 by boardpin123

This time they rode only few hours. As the girls felt the trucks slow down, they could make out that they were entering some enclosed space as the light dimmed. The door opened soon, and all the girls were disembarked into what looked like a large barn. A strong smell of farm animals could be

The Girl – Stories: Mission 3 by boardpin123

— “It’s not nice to snoop around, girl.” — the priest said, pushing her into the room, onto the mattress. Lilly fell down, her skirt flying up, and exposing her bare bum. As she turned her head, she saw the man lick his lips looking at her. — “Please, Father.” — she pleaded — “I

Backstage Pass 6: Coming Together by Affable Oldster

It took a few minutes for Bill and me to lower the ropes, return the muffin to an upright position, and unfasten her cuffs from the apparatus while Alastair packed up the video equipment for transport back to the larger cabin. It was getting chilly in the late afternoon, and the other cabin had that

The Girl – Stories: Mission 8 by boardpin123

To say the pipe was long would be an understatement. It was a horrible, claustrophobic experience. They were completely immobilized, rolling along a dump pipe in total darkness. Lilly tried not to think about tons of earth above her, just waiting to bury her alive, stopped only by the thin wall of the pipe. She

The Girl – Stories: Mission 9 by boardpin123

Lilly imagined that they would be separated into groups and distributed, or sold into prostitution around different places in Mexico. The reality was very different. They were all transported to the same brothel, which was occupying a fancy building in the rich centre district of Mexico City. It wasn’t some dirty, drug-ridden den, with cheap