Sexual Shenanigans of Trump Supporters: Kyle Rittenhouse feat. Ana Kasparian by Doc Forbin

It was the day before thanksgiving. I was driving home along the ocean when I decided to stop and admire the view. I pulled over at the top of a high bluff above the beach. I had my custom built AR-15 rifle with me and had just won a local competition. Easy to conceal it

Vampire Omicron: Chapter 1 – Home Invasion by SKOLL

DISCLAIMERS: I’m just trying to be helpful with these disclaimers. They let you know if my story is for you or not. Please read this. There’s some WEIRD shit in here. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories “horror”. If any of the following aren’t your thing, just back out now. You’ve been

Blood Lust by Immortal Beloved

Cast Michael Clarke Duncan- Coach Clark Jackson Eliza Dushku- Kelly Rayne Me- Jamal Mitchell Chloe Sevigny- Ashley Mitchell Ja Rule- Spyder/Kenny Bone Crusher- Jenkins/B.J. Vin Diesel- Victor Kristen Davis- Lara Rayne Josey Scott- Lucas Gerald Butler- Dracula Fergie- Angie Baker Ashanti- Krissy/Trix Undertaker- Lord Ayres James Marsters- Spike Scott Wolf- Kurt Fuller Started out with

Dude we totally did it by smashthecan

So my name is Jim. I’m 19, and am packing a huge cock. I put that bad boy to use. So one day, I saw this hot cunt walking down the hall in the math building at college. I was like, “HEY! Ya cunt! Get over here!” “Excuse me?!” she said. Oh damn I smacked

The Lady of Death, part 2 by Doc Forbin

…continued from part 1 Ralph, the coroner, was there waiting pacing impatiently in the mortuary. In route to the morgue; the young morgue attendant notified that he had two bodies in the van. as the hearse pulled into the carport. Two stainless steel autopsy tables were made available and the two body bags were brought