Vol. 2 – Mom definitely heard my mature playmate by slyde503

After realizing that my mother had come home from work about three hours early, my mind was putting it all together. The noise I heard wasn’t my keys, it was hers. She had obviously come inside knowing someone else was here with me, and when she saw the pile of clothes in the den, she


She told me she was fifty (fifteen-years older than me) a size 14, around 68 inches tall and still attractive. At her insistence we met in a coffee shop so she could check me out as she was unused to face-to-face meetings with men on dating sites. She was dressed in a black shirt and


We had been friends for some time and we had both confided we were bisexual. We constantly flirted with each other and touched each other. We had shopped for clothes together and ogled each other’s almost naked bodies and ran our hands over each other as we tried on clothes. Then some ago while we

the naughty Mom by mstrmrd

The Naughty Mother Chapter One: Alicia Anderson wondered what it would be like to have a youngstud to fuck her regularly. It seemed that every married woman inthe world was having an affair these days except her. Even ZenobiaGrant — that decrepit old bag on the soap opera Alicia sat herewatching as the rain poured

Meals on Wheels 4- Ruth by slyde503

Please feel free to leave a comment, especially if you are going to leave a negative rating. I am always trying to improve my writing. Throughout my escapades with the mature women on my volunteer delivery route, my desires always seemed to come back to Ruth. I think I was mostly attracted to the fact

McKenzie, the Hot Babsitter by Syzoth

This story is dedicated to Piper, the TRUE hot babysitter… hopefully, it compares to those cheesy Hallmark movies that you and Mandy enjoy so much! ****************************************************************************** “Look at me, Auntie McKenzie!” Timothy shrieked. “Look at me!” The little boy posed atop a plastic slide in the backyard of his home. His chest was puffed out