My Anus by crustybunger

My Anus is a flowerWhich does doth daily bloomMy Anus doesn’t cower When others preach its doomMy Anus is a crumpetCome taste ye of its muskMy Anus is the trumpetWhich doth proclaim thoust dusk My Anus is quite handsomeCome give it a tonguey kissMy Anus is your ransomShould all things go amiss My Anus is

Poem for Tanya by Stevejulie1970

I’m longing for the lovely day when I can come and we can play Before I come please masturbateInto your knickers for our date I want to wear your nightie redYour panties soiled upon my head As I strip off and view your frontI want to smell your lovely cunt I want to bow and

For a Man I Miss by Otzchiim

For a Man I Miss I want to feel you enter me again,To penetrate me totally and fillMy cavity with hard and pulsing fleshAnd send me into realms of utter bliss.I want to be run through by your warm spear,To split like butter for your blood-heat knife.I want to feel fire run along my nerves,And

One Horny Christmas by Silverpen69

One Horny Christmas Twas the night before Christmas, as I lay in my bed I needed my ass fucked, (or at least some great head) My nut sack was hanging, between my legs with great care With two swollen nuts I was willing to share. The house it was empty, the family had gone I

MY STORY_(9) by LadyofTheRavens

You pity me, Because you think you know, The pain I’ve felt, How could you know the pain, You weren’t there that night, You didn’t have to hear the words he said, You didn’t have to feel his touch, His cold, cold touch. You don’t feel the pain, When you hear them laugh, You think

Hunters Moon by Lil Demon

Smiling a secret smile nibbling her bottem lip watching the night aproach longing filling her heart watching the Hunter’s moon arise, rising hearing the call holding her arms wide her lover stepping close, taking her into his dark embrace desire licking through her body at his touch wanting him closer shivering as he lightly brushes

Ode to Night by Piquet

Unfathomed Night, thou conduit of dreams,Veiled sister of the lucid Day,For thee I long, for thee I waitAnd for thy favour pray.Come and spread thy silken cloak upon me,No other raiment will I wearBut thy aethereal garment Of darkness and sweet air!O goddess of soft unhurried hours,Mistress of warm and whispered love,Guardian of peace unsullied,Thy

Requiem by Immortal Beloved

Requiem I only have eyes for you my sweet lover. I would fall to my knees over your grave as it rained on me crying clothes drenched wanting you back. This I promise you I would show you so much with my Phoenix passion. My lust for you is toxic. My yearning for your bodice