The Girl – Stories: Mission 5 by boardpin123

Lilly woke with a start. She was still on the floor, and it was nearly completely dark. She guessed the sun was setting outsite. — “No. No. No.” — she heard one of the girls beside her whisper. Lilly looked at her. She was terrified out of her mind. From the way the car was

Learning To Be A Master – (Revised) by Detroit_Rising

I’ve had fun posting here before, and these are two more of my real-life stories posted on this site: Never In a Million Years: – What Happens In Vegas … : —————————————————————– I’m in a long-term almost sexless marriage (still am, nothing much has changed). Nearly everything else about my life was and

The Girl – Stories: Mission 4 by boardpin123

The truck stopped, shaking Lilly out of sleep. Side door was opened, and sudden bright light blinded them even through the blindfold. Before even regaining vision, Lilly felt strong hands pull her out from the garbage truck onto the concrete floor, and dragging her across what felt like a industrial parking lot. “No” she thought


INNOCENT DEVIL’S HAREM CH. 04 — Kai gets 3rd reward for saving her Hot Redhead friend. (Copyright 2020 Kaizer Wolf) Submitted to Sexstories: March 25, 2022 Tags: harem, supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde ***** – CHAPTER 4: Reaction – Dammit. “Someone’s here,” I explained, extremely annoyed. But it was obvious from her expression that

The Girl – Stories: Mission 7 by boardpin123

This time they rode only few hours. As the girls felt the trucks slow down, they could make out that they were entering some enclosed space as the light dimmed. The door opened soon, and all the girls were disembarked into what looked like a large barn. A strong smell of farm animals could be

Jenny 1 – My conversion. by Fatman50

I’d like to say it was during the lockdown that l started to turn into a slut but that wouldn’t be true, in fact it had started a lot earlier, In my defence this fucking virus has taken a huge chunk out of my life. It completely fucked up my eighteenth birthday and then managed

A Tied and Twisted Tail by Harry_n_Wild

A Tied and Twisted Tail In a small suburban starter home a young single woman with big ambitions is wondering why she can’t let go. Really relax and feel free from the daily stresses. Her career was good. Her health was good. Her living arrangements were adequate for now. Everything should be comfortable. Still she

The Girl – Stories: Mission 3 by boardpin123

— “It’s not nice to snoop around, girl.” — the priest said, pushing her into the room, onto the mattress. Lilly fell down, her skirt flying up, and exposing her bare bum. As she turned her head, she saw the man lick his lips looking at her. — “Please, Father.” — she pleaded — “I