The Fall of Brooklyn – ch12- The After Party by DeeplyPerverted

Brooklyn was shaking with fear again as the younger Miss and a maid helped her down from her display stand. Was this it? How was he going to do it? Was he going to let his girlfriend strangle her? At least it wouldn’t hurt that much. They bound her hands behind her back and she

Audreys World Sex Tour by xanadu22

CH.1 THE COLLEGE SEXPERIENCE You probably think that most Mormon girls grow up in a stable family, go to a Mormon college, marry a Mormon man, have 8 children, and live happily ever after. That’s the stereotype isn’t it? That probably is true for most Mormon girls. But the life this one was handed was

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 04 by KristinKailey

Chapter Seven: The Touch. I couldn’t say how long I had been holding the pee position for. A series of intense shocks from my collar had awakened me some time ago and I immediately got into a low squat on the balls of my feet, back arched, tits thrust out and moist labium spread wide.

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 07 by KristinKailey

Chapter Thirteen: Free at Last The light poured into my blue eyes as they blinked open. A dingy yellow floral curtain blew lightly from the wind of an open window. The soreness of my face and on the tender skin of my ass served as painful reminders of the night before. The peeling yellow floral

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 08 by KristinKailey

Chapter Sixteen: A Private Party It had been a month since I felt the warm sun on my skin at the farm and I hadn’t since left the quaint single story abode that my Master inherited after his mother died. I was comfortable with my routines as they gave me structure and comfort. Sometimes he

The Queen and the Slave by Enahs81

The Queen lay back amongst the bed’s plush cushions with her eyes closed, and groaned in frustration. She glanced down at the head of the man between her spread legs and regarded the mop of curly blond hair bobbing frantically as he tried to please her. His tongue jabbed erratically between her pussy lips, like

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 06 by KristinKailey

Chapter Twelve: Cunt’s Night Out We seemed to drive forever before the vehicle finally came to a stop and the engine shut off. The air was cool as the car door opened, I felt my seat belt unclipped and my Master’s hand gripped my lean arm to help guide me out. I blindly grasped the

Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 05 by KristinKailey

Chapter Nine: The Contract and Adornments. The relief that I felt from finally having an orgasm was short-lived as it wasn’t long before the regular masturbation and edging sessions had brought me back into a pink cloud of desperate arousal. Even as Master allowed me to experience more and more climaxes, it was never enough