Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 1 – Warming Up by SKOLL

FETISH WARNINGS: This story gets VERY disgusting and brutal. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories “horror”. These niche things appear in THIS chapter. If any are not your thing, just back out now. You’ve been warned! Rape Incest Young girl Breastmilk A bit of gross smells and tastes, piss/ass/panties DISCLAIMERS: This is

Kalla: Ch. 3 by hanes_el

Chapter 3 One half an hour past the twelfth, Princess Dakota would become Queen Dakota, the youngest queen to date in our empire. I had left Dakota at the eleventh hour and began my preparations. Stepping from her best friend zone, I became her manager; incredible responsibilities now were bestowed to me. Mother helped a

The Girl – Stories: Mission 12 by boardpin123

— “It’s me. Lilly.” — “Lilly!? How … I mean” — Penny nearly jumped out from her skin with excitement, but quickly composed herself — “Where are you? Are you in danger?” — “Danger? You could say so.” — said Lilly looking at the bruises on her wrists from begin tied the day before —

Watching Little Casey Next Door, Continued by Imp Again

Continuation of the adventures of 16yo Casey Sheridan and her seduction of her neighbor Dan. Picks up where the first left off without much introduction, gets to the sex faster as well. Consensual Sex,, Teen Female Solo, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Toys, Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, Cum Swallowing, Male Solo, Anal.. “Oh my gosh, what time

Without Love (edited reposted) by styxx

Without love. Part one First time With her knees clasped together; a finger touching her hard little nub through the fabric of her night dress while her hips gently rocked, Michelle discovered the satisfaction of masturbation, enjoyed the warmth of the glow it gave her after just a short while and the sleep it induced

Coming of age_(5) by HeetN

The Apple’s were not a particularly religious family. Mr.Apple was a dam keeper for a rural town so they lived in themountains more than one hundred miles from where the waterwas delivered. Because the water was for municipal use it wasnot used for any recreational purpose. There was noswimming, fishing or boating on the lake