The Girl – Stories: Mission 7 by boardpin123

This time they rode only few hours. As the girls felt the trucks slow down, they could make out that they were entering some enclosed space as the light dimmed. The door opened soon, and all the girls were disembarked into what looked like a large barn. A strong smell of farm animals could be

A Weekend With My Punk Rock Cousin (Part 2) by CharlieBladeRemus

I woke up on Saturday morning quite groggy. I reached down and winced; my pussy was still sore and raw from the savage fucking that Jason had given me the night before. I got up from the sofa bed and staggered. My legs are usually weak after a good rest, but combine that with getting

Paradise in Suburbia, Pt. 2 by JackHoff96

“Orgasm?’ What does that mean? Can everyone do it?” Jacob asked, still coming down from the indescribable high of his first-ever climax, at the hands (and mouth) of his sister and her friend. “Can I do it again??” “Yes, everyone can do it, and MAYBE we’ll give you one again, after you help us get