The Ball Boy Experiment: Chapter 2: Team Meating by Sam_Clayborn

“Oh, fuck yeah. Suck my cock,” Jake Hall moaned. “Oooh, that feels great.” He was laying in her bed, pants strewn across the floor nearby. For the first time in over 2 weeks, his girlfriend was giving him head. Ally looked up at him wordlessly from between his legs, and kept working at him. He’d

Daddy Issues Memoirs, Chapter Three: Trailer Trash by Daddy_Issues_Memoirs

Disgusted I looked at the green goo on my plate. “Next!” said the lunch lady. “Excuse me, that’s not what I wanted.” Viciously she raised her eyes at me. “You think I wanted a job where I had to serve ungrateful brats like yourself? Let me tell you that the answer to that is NO!

Sticky Trick or Treat by wolfiram

Seducing our teenage, black neighbour Jay was always a fantasie for me and my husband. A few weeks ago it turned into reality. If you want to read in detail what happened, search for “Gym Access for Cum” or “Involving the little brother in the workout scheme.” in my profile. Me and my husband just

The Ball Boy Experiment: Chapter 1: Try-Outs by Sam_Clayborn

Coach Ryan fumbled with his keys as he switched off his car’s ignition. He cursed as he reached down to pick them up, hands trembling. ‘Steady‘, he thought to himself. ‘There’s no need to be nervous.‘ That was a joke. In his 8 years coaching football at the high school he used to attend, there