The End of Volodymyr Zelenskyy by Doc Forbin

Somewhere in 2022 after Putin’s Russian forces swiftly crushed Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s militaries, forcing them to surrender; his wife had left him whilst they were in hiding in Lvov… Volodymyr checked his face in the bathroom mirror one last time. His lips, enhanced by collagen injections, had been painted in their sexiest cupid’s bow pout. His

One With the Tribe pt1 by faringwayb

Many people, aside from confident explorers, fear going into forests. Trees grow tall and thick; oppressive darkness hid creatures that would break the mortal mind. Beasts prowl and stalk helpless wanderers; great and small entities have been known to make people disappear to keep their secrets. While bountiful with flora and game in this particular

One With the Tribe pt2 by faringwayb

Dyri leaped to his feet. His hands went for his sword, and he was surprised to find it gone. Undeterred, he snapped, “I will do no such thing! I refuse to be humiliated!” The wolves along the sidelines stepped forward, teeth bared. Dyri’s posture softened a little, but he did not back down. The shaman

Fantasy Football League by Evolved Prestige

“Yeah, yeah, big surprise I lost. Like we didn’t all see this coming since the first game of the season.” The other 4 guys of the fantasy football were all in the garage toasting the beers that I bought. Step 1 of losing the fantasy football league, buy lots of beers and host the “Superbowl”

Camming Down the Rabbit Hole Ch9 by Dani_does_Dallas

As per my previous mornings recently, I stirred and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, that delicious feeling of my silk night ware stretching over my taught nipples and my morning wood throbbing in its lace enclosure. The urge to touch myself was palpable, it seemed no matter how hard I came the night before,

Glad to Be a Sick Bastard by Professional_Rapist

What can I say, but that I’m a 40 year old bi-sexual man, who was raised around money and now I make very good money being a business owner in finance. I’m an admitted arrogant, cocky individual who gets off on being a man, a dominant man. It makes my cock hard to be a

DNA 2 Chapter 2 by Zenythmon

The reception area was fairly small and occupied by only two other people, a receptionist in her late thirties and an absolute mountain of a man. He was a tall, wide and heavily muscled African-American. Paul guessed he was security, though he wasn’t wearing any sort of uniform. Paul stepped nervously up to the receptionist.