An Orc/Elf Situation by MightBeRealz

The Elf knocked fertively on the door, a large cloak and hood obscuring his features. His hands, tiny and pale, shook slightly as a series of interior locks could be heard turning, the man’s hands clenching and unclenching his cloak. His breath quickened as the door swung open to reveal a dark interior, the harsh

Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 5 – A Broken Ornament by SKOLL

FETISH WARNINGS: This story gets VERY disgusting and brutal. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories “horror”. These niche things appear in THIS chapter. If any are not your thing, just back out now. You’ve been warned! Rape/Abuse/Violence toward women Torture/Pain/Crying/Sadism Incest Young girl Bondage Gross smelling/tasting Armpit licking Sweat licking Eating creampie

The Girl – Stories: Mission 5 by boardpin123

Lilly woke with a start. She was still on the floor, and it was nearly completely dark. She guessed the sun was setting outsite. — “No. No. No.” — she heard one of the girls beside her whisper. Lilly looked at her. She was terrified out of her mind. From the way the car was

Alternating Weekends by sandstorm3636

On the curb in front of her mother’s new boyfriend’s house, Mandy stood with her arms crossed, waiting for her father’s familiar station wagon to pull up. It had been two weeks since her parents’ divorce was settled in court and it was her first weekend to spend with her father. To say that she

The Girl – Stories: Mission 13 by boardpin123

Lilly did not manage to even dose off throughout the night. She was crouched in the middle of the shower room, naked. Her hands were tied behind her back, and pulled up by a rope hanging from the ceiling. Her legs were tied, thigh to shin, in a “frog tie”, and she was balancing on

The Girl – Stories: Mission 4 by boardpin123

The truck stopped, shaking Lilly out of sleep. Side door was opened, and sudden bright light blinded them even through the blindfold. Before even regaining vision, Lilly felt strong hands pull her out from the garbage truck onto the concrete floor, and dragging her across what felt like a industrial parking lot. “No” she thought

My Life: Part 15: Initiation of the Bunker by The Story Author

It was mid-week when Mounika excitedly sent photos of the bunker to the prepaid. She had found a coupe of beds for cheap at IKEA and decorated with new sheets and pillows. It looked fantastic. By the weekend, another text from her said simply “Tuesday will be fun!” On Tuesday, I woke up a bit

Timestop: The Train Ride Chapter 1 by SKOLL

This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are considered 18+, even if a story implies otherwise. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories “horror”. I’m really not concerned with story, and I write almost 100% smut. I start most stories with