Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 5 – A Broken Ornament by SKOLL

FETISH WARNINGS: This story gets VERY disgusting and brutal. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories “horror”. These niche things appear in THIS chapter. If any are not your thing, just back out now. You’ve been warned! Rape/Abuse/Violence toward women Torture/Pain/Crying/Sadism Incest Young girl Bondage Gross smelling/tasting Armpit licking Sweat licking Eating creampie

Unrequited love of an older sister – Lars’ side of the story by SeriousWriter

Unrequited love of an older sister – Lars’ side of the story This story is part 1.5 of the story “Unrequited love of an older sister”, that I published earlier, telling the events from Lars’ side. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you should read it first. Part 2 will follow soon. “I love

Audreys World Sex Tour by xanadu22

CH.1 THE COLLEGE SEXPERIENCE You probably think that most Mormon girls grow up in a stable family, go to a Mormon college, marry a Mormon man, have 8 children, and live happily ever after. That’s the stereotype isn’t it? That probably is true for most Mormon girls. But the life this one was handed was

Alternating Weekends by sandstorm3636

On the curb in front of her mother’s new boyfriend’s house, Mandy stood with her arms crossed, waiting for her father’s familiar station wagon to pull up. It had been two weeks since her parents’ divorce was settled in court and it was her first weekend to spend with her father. To say that she

Twins love affair Chapter 3 :Sewing the seeds of incestuous love by Darkone82

*********************** Sally************************* Thousands of things were rushing through my mind as I kicked my legs off the edge of my bed. I could still feel the excess of my twin brother Macs incestuous seed oozing it way out of my pussy and slowly sliding down the inner part of my thighs. Just the thought of

My Life: Part 04: A Day At The Beach by The Story Author

One afternoon Reagan was watching the baby while the girls were at school. Katie and I decided we wanted to go to the beach to relax. We went downstairs and out to what we fondly called Beep, our “beach Jeep”. It was a bright yellow Jeep with no carpet or top, but room for all