Daddy discovers daughter is pregnant

I live at home with my Dad, we’ve lived alone since my Mum died a few years ago. During this time together, we’ve become closer and closer. Until on my 18th birthday, I became a woman and moved into the main bedroom. Since then, every night has been a pleasurable wonder.

We’ve had dinner together and I’m just clearing up downstairs. Dad’s already gone to bed. Once I’ve finished downstairs I head to bed too. Dad’s smiling as I enter the bedroom. I start to undress, he watches me. “You’re so beautiful baby, such a wonderful body.” I smile, then slide naked into bed beside my Dad.


His hand slides over my belly. “What’s this? Is my baby girl going to have a baby?” He says as he caresses my belly. “What!?!” I’m stunned. I just look at my Dad. “What do you mean? A baby? I’m too young to have a baby?” I start to stutter. “Oh you’re most definitely old enough to have a baby. You’ll look so beautiful pregnant.” he smiles. “I’ve always wanted more k**s, but me and you’re Mum weren’t that blessed.” I can see the joy and excitement in his eyes. I smile back, I’ve always wanted to make my Dad happy. I place a hand on my tummy too. I can feel a little bump there. Maybe I am pregnant.

My Dad kisses me, tongue sliding into my mouth. I kiss back, losing myself into his embrace. I open my legs, wanting to feel him on me and inside me again. He moves between my legs, kisses down my neck, then sucks on each nipple in turn. I moan with delight, I love how that makes me feel. “Mmmmm, Oh Daddy” I moan in delight “You like that Baby?” he asks. “Oh yes, yes” I respond. He starts to suckle on a nipple, little tiny sucks. I shudder with delight. “Ahhhh!” I come close to orgasm. “You’re going to love feeding our baby then” Dad says before starting to suckle my other nipple. As he suckles one nipple he flicks my other still wet nipple with his fingers. Then I feel a hand move over my stomach, over my furry mound and between my legs. Two fingers slide easily into me, then curl up inside me. Between the stimulation on my nipples and g-spot it sends me over the edge. “Oh Daddy, Yes, Yes, Yes” I scream, as I grip the bed and start to buck wildly. “That’s right Baby, cum for Daddy”. Then he’s between my legs, entering me. And almost instantly he’s slamming into my pussy, cumming with me.

As my orgasm starts to recede, Dad is still pumping into me. As he ends, he stays inside me, smiling. “Oh Baby, you’ll look so beautiful with Daddy’s baby inside you.” Then he bends down to kiss me. The most amazing passionate kiss. “Your mother looked so hot pregnant. And became so horny.” he smiles, as if to himself, remembering long lost times. “Will I look sexy too?” I ask my Dad. “You’re already starting to glow Baby” he replies. I smile back. Always loving compliments from my Dad. 

He moves from between my legs, to my side. Then turns me on my side, as we spoon each other in bed. His hand comes around we a starts to stroke my tiny baby bump. His hand slides down to my hairy mound, then back up to my belly. “My Baby’s having my baby” he murmurs in my ear. As I listen to my Dad’s excitement I feel his cock starting to grow again. Then his hands are on my breasts, and squeezing them gently. Then tweaking my nipples. I start to moan loving the attention played to my nipples, it’s like a direct link to my pussy. He responds to my moans by squeezing and pulling on each nipple in turn. “Ahhhhhh, mmmmm.” Then fingers are stimulating my clit. “Oh yes Daddy, yes” Then Daddy’s rolling me over onto my belly, and he’s behind me, and opening my legs. He slaps each cheek, before spreading my legs a little further open and plunging into my pussy from behind. I’ve not experienced this before, but I’m loving it. His cock is going far deeper into me. Then he’s pulling out, I almost sigh. But then a hand smacks a cheek, which to my surprise excites me. “Oh Daddy, yes. More Daddy please”. “What do you want Baby?” he asks me. “Daddy’s cock please” I can’t believe what I’m saying, the language I’m using. “Yes Baby you can have Daddy’s cock.” he replies as he starts to pound me from behind. “Oh Daddy. Yessss. Ahhhh!” I pant as I start to cum again. I grip the bed and moan, as I start to shake. “Oh Baby!” Daddy grunts as he explodes insides me for the second time that morning.