My first time virgin stories

My body knew that tonight was the night my cherry got popped, it felt right, I wanted it.
And needed it.

I started masturbating at the age of 15, to be honest that was pretty old in comparison to some girls my age, but once I started I never wanted to stop, every night after school I would rush in from the cold outside and remove the lock from my hidden draw under my bed, each night playing with myself harder and faster, with the dildo I brought from online; skiving off school the day it arrived so I could hide it before my mum found it first. I remember one night my mum walked into my room with my dildo hanging out of my hole, thankfully I had my duvet wrapped over me concealing my naughty secret.
Despite this I made it to 18 without my hole being touched by another human being, the anticipation killed me each day, I wanted to fuck more and more but could never find the right time or guy. My closet being at my friends 17th Birthday party , I was no stranger to parties… Or getting off with hot guys, but that night, hidden away in the depths of my mates walk in wardrobe I tasted my first cock, he gagged me so hard that night and I loved every minute of it, on my knees, submitting to my hornyness. From that night onward , every time I laid my eyes on a hot guy my mouth would tingle and remember the feeling of hot cum dripping down my chin; had he of not cum so early that night, the story I’m about to unveil would not have happened, it felt so amazing. Despite this it was not until another party a few months later did I get my second taste of dick, I wanted it inside me that night, but he was a pussy, and could not fuck mine. Along the months that led up to this night my pussy needed more stimulation over than my fingers and dildo, sure I had proceeded in my fair share of sexting with various guys from my area, (sharing pics of my firm c cup tits, with my thick brown hair slightly covering my nipples,) but that wasn’t the same… I needed to feel something. As you can probably tell, by this stage I began to become a little bit of a slut, my wardrobe consisted of tight outfits with very little material, a pantie draw consisting almost entirely thongs and many sexy items of lingerie, I was a naughty girl… still am.


Like I said before, it was not until a few weeks after my 18th birthday did I finally feel a cock between my thighs and the months leading to this point were the most painful and wettest months of my life. But finally one night it happened. And to this day it is still one of the best/ naughtiest fucks of my life. Here’s how it happened.

Being a Saturday night it was only natural for me and my friends to find ourselves drunk and horny in some club in Plymouths city centre. That night I had come prepared for my door to be opened by someone other than myself and you could tell, my clothes consisted of a small crop top revealing just enough to look slutty, but not like a hooker. This was complimented by my trusty denim jacket that swung at my shoulders, allowing my ‘assets’ to be the main focus of the many eyes around me. Along with my top half I wore a short mini skirt, its frills barely hiding my inner groin area, but just enough so that my tight g string thong could not be seen, but easily accessed. To round it off I wore a pair of cheap black high heels to add a couple of inches to my height (along with the few I was planning to add to my panties.) I did consider wearing nipple tape that night but couldn’t bear the thought of them hiding my cute nipples that perked through my white top.

As we walked through town (me and 6 friends) we curved in and out of passers by before finally reaching our destination, “ The Plush”, a secret, non-noticeable, building that was concealed by many dark alleys and it fair share of druggies. As we arrived we walked straight past the bouncer and into the illuminated room of the Plush, from the outside the building looked derelict and abandoned, inside was the opposite, hundreds of guys and girls were grinding and dancing in the centre of the room, the DJ providing the soundtrack to their night of forgotten memories- I say this, as the only rule to get in was to fail an alcohol test, we failed with flying colours, everyone here was pissed and looking for a good time.
Before long my friends and I had scattered across the giant dance floor each of us finding a fit guys crotch to rub against, I found Oscars.
We danced and made out through the entire night, our bodies interlocked in a fight of who can feel the most skin, he wanted me and for the first time in my life, I knew this was going to be the guy, I wanted him. As we continued to dance he pulled a packet of a white powder from his pocket, and shook it in my face… Coke. His grin staring into my soul as he held it in his hand.
I had never done anything like that before, or even considered it. But I was a naughty girl, I wanted it as much as I wanted him. Suddenly he shoved me up against the nearest wall and shoved his head between my tits, flicking his tongue over my cleavage, using his saliva as glue he took out the coke and drew a line of the powder onto my breasts , it felt so naughty and hot as he snorted up a line from my titties, once done (and the grin on his face widening ) he drew a line of what was left across his hand and I too took the rest of the powder. I was not only drunk and horny, but also high as fuck. ( I still don’t know how I can remember this night, but I do.) However that was the point my night got fun and incredibly naughty.

I felt so hot as he pushed his groin up against mine, his head concealed between my tits, my lips reaching down and sucking his neck. I could feel his cock against my pussy being blocked by a few layers of fabric, he kept pushing harder and I kept pushing back, I could feel my pussy begin to become wet as he gripped my ass checks wife his hands, mine wrapped firmly around his shoulders while he alternated between tasting my lips and chest.

That was when the police came, squads of them entering from the 3 entrances around the building, judging by the panicked runs and quick getaway we weren’t the only ones snorting coke, or doing naughty things. Looking back now I realise that Oscar had done this before, he picked me up in his muscular arms and ran towards the nearest exit, leaving the building with a trail of powder around his nose and specks of it slipping down my top. I was still horny and didn’t care if we were caught and while running with me in his arms, I let my hand slip down and feel his protruding bulge, he didn’t stop as I felt his firm stick against my fingertips. This made his cock so much more harder. But I had to stop, placing me down back on the floor, hearing footsteps and shouts getting louder behind us, he grabbed my hand and we zigzagged through the scattered bins and used condoms of the back alleys of the club we once thought was a safe place, as I ran I did not think or care about my friends or the police behind me, only his cock. This made me run faster, the fear of being caught without this guys cock in my pussy, we kept running, my heals left behind me in a bid to run faster, his hand pulling me along with him. Until after what felt like hours of running we stopped, a brick wall. Our hearts attacking the inside of our chests as we struggled to catch our breaths, but we both knew this was not a safe place to stop, suddenly Oscar begins climbing the wall, his hands using the brick work as holds, he finally reached the top and I followed him , my toes felt sore as my bear skin rubbed against brick but luckily after moments of grunting and pulling we both sat silently on the wall. We both felt exhausted and climbed down the other side before crashing against the bricks and sitting next to each other out of breath. Having finally relaxed we both looked into each other’s eyes and began to laugh, the coke still fuelling our naughtiness as we giggled about the what had just happened. But it was clear he was still horny and I was too. Suddenly our faces collided and lips inter locked, he pulled off my crop top and chucked my hand bag to the side, sat there half naked I felt so submissive as his lips tasted my nipples, like a baby he sucked and licked them, it felt so hot being played with like a toy. Quickly I shoved my crop top in my bag and in exchange pulled out a condom and passed it to him, he began to rip it open as he continued to play with my tits when suddenly (yes this really happened) the footsteps that once were distant were centre meters away from the wall we were behind. Not bothering to re-cloth my self we snuck away from the wall, condom still wrapped, we left the wall and crept down the alley ways ahead of us.

As we walked away, Oscar gripped my ass and continued to kiss my lips, barely saying anything he pointed up wards towards a window a couple feet above us and whispered in his deep sexy voice that he was going to climb through the window, we were both high and proceeded with the plan. Not wanting to be alone I climbed up first and opened up the window even more than it was already, I pulled the window open and climbed in first, my panties flashing as my ass hung out the window followed by the soft kiss of Oscars lips against my ass as he used his hands to push me further into the building. Following my ascent I pulled Oscar in through the window.
We had broken into a strangers house, with our only intentions being to shag, it was clear from my erect nipples- yes I still didn’t have my top on- and his dominant bulge continuing to grow in size.
Slowly we gathered our surroundings, a cute traditional bathroom with light blue walls and duck tiles around the shower, judging by the two toothbrushes , razor blades and tampons the couple that lived here were somewhat young too. Carefully not to make a sound we crept through the house, Oscars hand held firmly onto my ass as we snuck along the dark corridors; each step possibly giving away our position, we continued to creep along the rooms, a study, another bathroom, an empty bedroom with a giant king-sized bed. The owners were clearly gone and we had the place to ourselves, as I thought this Oscar crept downstairs and gave the all clear, saying that the rest of the house was empty. This was perfect!


Taking previous note of the Bedrooms location we returned to it only minutes later, our hearts beating fast from the fear of being caught, suddenly Oscar through me onto the bed and, I threw my bag to the side and he began to suck my tits again while quickly trying to pull off his shirt, as he did it ripped in half. He did not care.
Both topless we began to push harder into each others bodies, the everlasting foreplay moistening my pussy more and more as each second past. Slowly, he began to pull away and as if he knew where he was going opened up the bed side cabinet, inside was a party of condoms and bottles of lube; along with odd sentimental bits of the houses owners, he whipped out them and began to grin (this made my pussy tingle,) suddenly he pushed me back down onto the bed and lifted up my mini skirt revealing my tight pink thong, he carefully stroked his fingers around my thigh area before caressing my pussy, the thong protecting me from more pleasure, he stroked gently around my labia, but never touching my hole, the thong prevented it. But could not forever, he slowly pulled the thong to the side (it was moist and wet) and saw my pussy, it was tight and juicy with no hair to hide my clit, he licked his lips at the site, then used them… Without a warning he shoved his handsome face between my legs and started eating me out, his tongue penetrating my pussy with immense force, it was the first time anyone else had touched my hole an it felt amazing. His strokes were soft and sensitive, his tongue gently flicking across my clit, I moaned the loudest I had ever done before, my pussy dripped from my juices and his saliva. It was fair to say there would be no need for lube. As I continued to moan louder and louder, my climaxes making my body shake, Oscar shoved his finger into my hole, it was smaller than the dildo I had used before, but felt so much better being connected to another person, similarly to his tongue his finger thrusts were also soft and sensitive, yet fast enough to make me moan. Each stroke caused my head to stretch further back into the strangers pillowcase.
I wanted him inside my, there was no time for more foreplay, my pussy wanted his cock, he knew this. Quickly Oscar removed his jeans and boxers, his bulge didn’t do it justice, 9 inches of solid dick appeared from nowhere and were about to be inside of me, he got off the bed and stood on the floor, I turned onto my stomach and was at eye level with his cock, it looked so good from this angle and tasted even better, my mouth slipped around his head and Got a taste of his dick, I loved it, slowly I pulled his cock further into my mouth (I was his cum slut and I wanted him,) allowing his balls to be fully engulfed. He did not move as my head surrounded his cock, each lick from my tongue drenching his cock in my saliva, it was as wet as my pussy. Finally he pulled out from my mouth and flopped back wards onto the strangers bed, his cock dripping from my spit, he rolled on a condom and (although not needed) squirted a hand full of cherry lube onto his cock, I needed this.

Slowly I climbed on top of his cock and lowered my body, as I did I felt my pussy tingle as he fully submerged his cock into me, I moaned and licked my lips as I began to bounce, my grinds making him penetrate me deeper. As I rode him he placed his hands around my breasts and played with my nipples, I knew they were sensitive but the stimulation along with his cock only made me moan louder and harder, I was cumming so hard I felt as if my clit was about to fall off, but I didn’t stop. I lent forward and pushed my tits into his mouth, as I did his cock pushed deeper and I felt his balls against my thighs, it was so hot, the lube and my juices made his dick slide in and out of me quickly and deep, each grind of my body and each thrust of his hips made his cock smash against my G-spot, despite only looking a bit older than me he was a million times more experienced and I could tell. As I rode him he gripped my ass hard and pushed my groin deep into his, I felt myself need to moan, but I couldn’t due to my lips wrapped around his neck and instead loud out a grunt into his skin.
He too started to grunt, but judging my his continued pace he was far from cumming, as he grunt I pulled my self of his cock and bent over in front of him, my thick ass stared at him directly, and he instantly responded with his natural male instinct, swiftly he shoved his cock back into my pussy and grabbed hold of my ass cheeks; using them as a grip to help his thrusts fuck me deeper.
I felt his cock reach deeper into my body than before and I let out moan after moan, he too was grunting hard. As he fucked me I looked back at him and made eye contact, his bold pupils made contact with mine and he began to lick his lips. After what seemed like eternities of pleasure he pulled his cock out and I flipped onto my back, and held my pussy open with my finger tips, I stroked his slippery cock as he stared at me before shoving it back inside my hole, as he fucked me harder and faster than before his lips connected to mine and I felt his taste again, he wrapped his arms around my hair and stared me down as he destroyed my once virgin pussy, as he did this I placed my hand on top of my clit and rubbed it in rhythm of his strokes, my other wrapped around him. I could feel myself climaxing again and let out my loudest moan ever directly into his ear, however this only made his thrusts harder and faster. I could feel his dick deep against skin as he mimicked my moans with grunts, each thrust of his bring him closer to orgasm. I wanted to be his cum slut.

I got my wish.

Oscar suddenly pulled out of my pussy, it still tingled with pleasure and dripped wet from the lube and my juices, he said he was about to cum and stood off the bed, I turned onto my belly and (like before) he shoved his cock into my mouth, my head moved up and down along his sword, paying close attention to his tip with my tongue, my hands played with his balls and shaft, moving them up and down, encouraging his sperm to appear. Upon jerking him off I moved my body up into a sitting position , he saw this as an invite and slipped his hand around my breasts, cupping them and playing with my nipples. As every second past my urge for his jizz increased and felt my pussy tingle out of excitement and adrenaline, the thought of jerking off a guy in a strangers bedroom with the possibility of getting caught at any minute, only made me want him more.

Suddenly I got a rush of warm thick liquid in my mouth, I let his cum fill my face before letting it drip out down my chin and onto my breasts, he let out a final grunt and the last of his juices flowed down my body, slowly I swallowed as much of it as possible before using my finger to scoop as much of his fluid of my tits, it tasted amazing.

I made sure to scoop as much of his cum off my body as possible before attempting to redress my self, as I pulled over my tight crop top again, my shaved pussy still exposed, Oscar shoved me back down onto the bed, he was fully dressed but I knew he wasn’t finished with me.
“Have you ever squirted” he whispered. I shook my head and knew what was coming, almost instantly after my response he lowered his down to my pussy and began tasting my flesh, he did not nibble around my thighs or tease me; we were way past the need for foreplay. Quickly and roughly his tongue flicked over my clit, and moved in and out of my pussy, his hands cupped my breasts and played with them again like he previously did, his fingers were rough but soft and smooth, while still providing the sensation to make my body tingle. As he ate me out he moved his hands down past my body and around my thighs, I pulled my legs up into the air around my head before he finally shoved two of his fingers into my hole, his thrusts were as fast and as rapid as his cock only minutes before, I had never squirted before but felt as if all my pussy juices were about to explode over the strangers lilac bed sheets. I had only ever imagined squirting before, I had heard doing it felt as if you were having multiple orgasms at the first time.
It did.
Suddenly Oscar dipped his fingers into his mouth before rapidly shoving his other hand up my ass, his fingers exploring the hole that I too had hardly explored. But that was all I needed, once again I felt my pussy tingle and fill with pleasure, only to empty with fluid. He removed his fingers from my holes and tongue away from my clit. I too stopped playing with my nipples as my fluids erupted with juices, spraying the bed sheets with my liquid. That’s when we heard voices from below!

Oscars head perked up like a Meerkats’ and his eyes filled with panic, mine mirrored his. Quickly he threw me my skirt from the bed side and stuffed my panties into my pocket, as I dressed my self (as much as I could, only having my top and skirt left) I stood up from the bed, noticing the pool of juices covering the strangers bed sheets, all from our bodies. I chucked my bag over my shoulder and we crept out of the room, leaving the bottle of lube and discarded condom on the floor. As we returned to the bathroom Oscar lowered himself down out of the window first and stood back in the alley way, as I climbed out he stared up at my bare pussy and licked his lips again, stroking my ass as I came down. My naked feet touched the floor, only to be scooped up again by Oscar as he carried me down the alley way, walking back through the maze of pathways we came out onto the streets still half undressed, my shoes and jacket long gone and his shirt and belt ripped and unfastened. Thank God for the lack of people around. As we emerged onto the streets Oscar mentioned that he had to go before suddenly leaving me alone in the outskirts of the city. As he left he leaned into me and kissed my lips, my hand caressed his crotch and he slipped a finger against my clit from under my skirt. We held each other for only a few intimate seconds before he walked away, leaving me alone in the streets. My pussy still tingling from his cock.
Only minutes after he left the taxi I called arrived and I hopped in, my hole dripping my moisture onto the abused seat of the taxi. As we drove away I opened my bag and checked my phone, multiple missed calls from my mates and many texts. All describing their nights and the many guys they shagged; like me they escaped from the police. Reading through the adventures of their night only made my pussy wetter, as I read them I slid a finger into my slit from under my dress, ensuring my legs were faced away from the driver. I felt my fingers slide in and out of me when I felt a vibration from my phone. A message from Oscar:”Hey sexy, I stool a look at your number while you were attempting to get dressed  (you really should a password on that thing) Is your pussy still wet, I’d love to fucking destroy it again baby. I wonder if its still dripping, or tasting like cherry from the lube.” Reading this over in my head made me incredibly horny, my pussy beginning to moisten again. Slowly I crept my phone under my skirt, my thong lost in Oscars pocket and took a picture of my shaved pussy, its flaps dripping liquid over the taxi seat, with my fingers separating my sides, my middle caressing my clit. As I sent the photo I felt my body to tingle with goose bumps, despite the hours of pleasure before I still felt in need for an orgasm.
I however did not get my wish.
As the taxi pulled into my house, I left the car, leaving my moisture behind on the cabs seat. I checked my phone and awaited for my reply… I never got one.

Looking back now I realise the powder Oscar and I snorted off each other, probably wasn’t as strong as pure coke. Still though it got me high enough to have a good time. Despite this I still remember the story clearly enough to make my pussy drip every time I think of it.