Real my sister and me incest stories

“I didn’t know you had chest hair.” Lin was eying Ken’s well-formed pecs she’d traced earlier through his tee. She sucked on her fingers and thought, Ken is one… fine… specimen. Now, she didn’t have to touch herself to tingle, tingles radiated from her clit all by themselves. The slighted movement of her legs, cause her muscles to flinch. OMG. Ken’s my brother, and I’m so horny for him I can’t stand it, she thought. What’s wrong with me?

The weekend had arrived and their other roommates left to visit family or friends, leaving Ken and Lin to fend for themselves. Their first semester in college had been a challenge, but with exams behind them, a few days of relaxation was just what the doctor ordered. After dinner and some TV–they argued over which programs to watch as usual–each got ready for bed and retired to their rooms.


Lin was a natural strawberry blonde, blue-eyed woman of twenty. She stood five-foot nine, with firm breasts, shapely legs and buttocks. Ken, her fraternal twin, was six-one, dark, broad-shouldered, and muscular.

About midnight, Ken had to pee and when down the hallway to the bathroom. Lin was watching a video on her iPad, and her hand was in her panties, lightly rubbing her pussy. She softly moaned each time her fingers stroked her clitoris.

Ken stuck his head in and asked, “Hey, Sis, can I watch, too?”

Lin yanked the covers over her and yelled at him. “Get out of here, you pervert.”

He laughed and stepped inside her room “Look who’s calling who a pervert.”

She threw her pillow at him. “I told you to get out of here.”


Ken caught it and tossed it back. “It’s always more fun to watch with someone. Besides, I’m your brother and quite harmless.”

Lin caught it and tucked it under her head. “Well, I guess you’re harmless, alright.” She thought for a moment. “Pull up a chair.”

Ken dragged a chair next to Lin’s bed and stretched out his legs on top of her covers.

“Whatcha watchin’?”

Lin held the iPad so Ken could see the action, too. “A new porn video.”

After a few minutes, Ken asked, “You think that’s for real?” He sat up in the chair. “Like… I’ve seen a few like this, and they don’t seem real.”

Without taking her eyes off the small screen, Lin said, “Probably actors, but what they’re doing is real.”

“What you mean?”

“Wait. I’ll back it up.” Lin leaned closer so Ken could see the details on the small screen. “Now, watch closely… What’s he doing?”

Ken shifted in the chair. “He’s impaling her on his shaft and humping away. So what are you getting at? It’s just sex, isn’t it?”

Lin stopped the video and gave him a stern look. “Just sex? Is that all you see? Do you have a girlfriend?”

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Ken chuckled. “Let’s say I’m between relationships.”

“So the answer’s a flat ‘No,’” said Lin, rolling her eyes.

Ken looked away. “Yeah. I struggle with relationships… Girl relationships.”

Lin scooted closer to Ken. “So, tell me your problem. I wanna help.”

Ken shot her a look. “I bet you do. What are you? A shrink?”

Lin was smiling, a Cheshire grim from ear to ear. “No, But I am your Sister and a girl, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Lin’s beautiful blue eyes, white teeth, and flawless complexion set her a cut above most girls. Even without makeup, she was pretty… Fuck no, she was beautiful. And the cleavage of her boobs straining against the cotton tank top cut low in the arm pits, and her nipples–her dark-brown, rock-hard nipples–pushing against the thin, almost sheer material was a show any guy would want to watch any day of the week.

Ken cleared his throat. “I-I’ve noticed. Sister or no sister, I can see you’re a girl: pretty face, nice boobs, round ass, and a tight pussy, I’d bet. And sometimes you don’t wear much–like tonight–and my imagination doesn’t have to work very hard wondering what you’d look like naked.”

“Naked? You are a pervert…” When Lin stretched to take a swing at him, and one of her boobs popped free.

He put up his arms for fake protection. She fell backwards on her pillow and tucked her boob under her top.

“I like what I see, Sis. When you turn sideways, your tank top only covers the peaks of your boobs and nips, and in the deep cutouts, I can see how they curved they are, and the way they stand erect. And your bikini panties show off your tight ass, and sometimes, its crotch slips into your slit–as it’s doing, now. It’s no wonder I bone up.”

While Ken talked, Lin slipped her fingers under the crotch of her panties and repositioned the gusset. She was wet.

“There’s no getting around it, Sis, you’re pretty… quite beautiful, actually–for a sister–and stacked, and sexy, and if you weren’t my sister, I’d fuck you any day of the week. Any guy would be crazy not to think you’re hot.”

Lin arched her back and tried to look sensual, sexy. Her bobs were straining against her top. She clasped her extended arms near her crotch and squeezed her bobs together, accentuating her cleavage. “So you think my breasts are pretty hot? And my butt, too? I never thought I’d ever hear my brother say he’d like to make love to me.”

“Yeah, the thought has crossed my mind once or twice.”

“You’re not so bad, yourself. A smaller size tee would show off your muscles a lot better.”

Ken’s neck and face turned pink. “You’re making me blush.”

Lin sat up and put her hand on Ken’s tee, feeling the ridges of his well-defined pecs beneath. She felt a tingling in her crotch when she touched him. She slid her hand across his chest and found a hardened, erect nipple. Ken recoiled. Another twinge in her crotch signaled her arousal. She toyed with his nipple and wished for skin, not the tee. I‘m getting aroused, she thought. “I-I’m telling you, Bro, you’re far better than most guys I’ve dated, recently.” Waves of desire swept over her. Her hand moved down his chest to the ripples of his abdominal muscles. “Been working out?”

Ken was leaning back and gripping the chair’s arms. His boxers began to move. “Like always.”

Lin sighed. “But let’s not get sidetracked. Back to your problem… Tell me about it.”

Ken licked his dry lips and looked at the wall. “S-So… I meet a girl, after a few dates, things heat up, and I think she’s wanting to take the next step, but afterwards, I can’t get another date with her. What am I doing wrong?”

“What’s your technique?”

Ken sat straight up and spun around. “Technique?”

Lin hopped to the edge of her bed. “Pretend I’m the girl, and we’re going to the next level. What do you do?”

Ken matter-of-factly said, “Well… After we’re in bed, I drop my drawers, pull down her panties, and hump her.”

“That’s your problem,” said Lin, shaking her head.

Ken dropped back into the chair. “What?”

“You treat her as if she’s a common ho. Somewhere to get your rocks off. No wonder you don’t get any more dates with her.” Lin fished around for the iPad. “Let me show you this video I was watching.”

As the video played, Ken shifted his weight in the chair. His boxer-material moved, again; his cock was enlarging.

“What do you notice?” asked Lin.

Ken moved to the bed and discretely tried to adjust his cock. “H-He spread her legs and kissed her inner thighs, working his way to her.”

Lin scooted next to him so they both could watch every detail. “Yes. He’s building anticipation of what’s about to happen. That excites a woman. I’ll advance a little more.”

Ken tried shifting positions, again, but nothing seemed to work. His cock was expanding by the moment.

Lin looked at Ken’s contorted face. “What’s the matter with you?”

“I’m getting a boner, that’s what, and I can’t find a comfortable position.”

Lin glanced at Ken’s crotch and saw the well-defined shape of a hardening shaft of flesh. “Well, damn, Bro, I guess you are, at that. Take off your boxers and let him out. I’ll lie next to you while we watch.”

Ken lower his shorts and his partially erect cock popped free. Lin’s eyes widened, and her mind was racing, fixated, trance-like: Partially erect, Ken’s penis is larger than any I’ve seen, but fully erect, he would be… be…

Ken flung his shorts across the room.

Ken’s movements brought Lin out of her trance. She watch his cock dance the dance of freedom. Without taking her eyes off it, she said, “Take off your top, too.”


“Wanna get my money’s worth.” Lin reached into her panties once again to check herself as Ken prepared to take off his tee. She was wet and very sensitive. After a few quick rubs, she withdrew and tasted her fingers. I still don’t get what’s so special about the taste, she thought.

“Girls. No wonder I’m having troubles,” Ken said as he took off his tee and flung it toward his shorts.

“I didn’t know you had chest hair.” Lin was eying Ken’s well-formed pecs she’d traced earlier through the tee. She sucked on her fingers and thought, Ken is one… fine… specimen. Now, she didn’t have to touch herself to tingle, tingles radiated from her clit all by themselves. The slighted movement of her legs, cause her muscles to flinch. OMG. Ken’s my brother, and I’m so horny for him I can’t stand it, she thought. What’s wrong with me?

“Just a little, not a hairy ape like some.” Ken ran his fingers thought the hair between his nipples like a comb. Lin watch with envy. He lay back, and let his cock plop where it may. Lin snuggled next to him, very close to him, trying to calm down.

But while the video played, Lin peeked at Ken’s enlarging cock. After a few moments, Lin leaned on her elbow.

“Wow, Ken. You can muster one big boner.” Lin dropped the iPad between them and stroked Ken a few times. “It’s rock hard, too. I had no idea how big you… It’s certainly bigger than any I’ve had.” Lin reached in her panties and touched herself. It was so wet, and her clit was so swollen and sensitive. Her body shuttered when she touched it. She spread the wetness around the folds and rubbed, hard. Waves of pleasure rocketed up and down her body. Her abdomen convulsed, once, twice. I could cum if I don’t stop, she thought.

Meanwhile, Ken was gripping the bedding with both hands and gritting his teeth. His cock pulsed with each beat of his heart.

“We gotta stop this and get back to your problem…”

Ken took a deep breath but said nothing.

Lin was still tingling and wishing that magnificent vision of manhood wasn’t her brother. She wanted that penis inside her and tried to imagine what a big one like that would feel like. She wanted pounded until she squealed, and wanted to bounce on his penis until his eyes bugged out. But this was her brother, and she could only fantasize.

Lin restarted the video. “W-What did he do next?”

“H-H-He kissed her crotch.”

Lin stopped the video and leaned on her elbow. “It’s not her crotch, box, hoo-haw, muff, snatch, beaver, cunt, or any other euphemism, stupid. There’s much more to it than that! I wouldn’t call your penis a crank, prick, wang, gong, weenie, or willie–each part has a purpose.”

Ken looked at her with bewilderment.

Lin gripped Ken’s engorged shaft, and he flinched. “Here’s what I learned in my anatomy class. This is the body of your penis.”

Lin stroked Ken a couple of times. With two fingers, she pressed his penis to his abdomen, let it go, and it sprang back up. With fingers and thumb, she lifted it straight up, let it go, and it sprang back into position. “See. It provides rigidity. And points it in the right direction.”

Lin reached in her pussy and wet her fingers, and then ran them round the head. Ken’s abdominal muscles contracted. “This is the glans. It’s the sensitive part.”

“You can say that again.” Ken recoiled each time she circled the head.

“If you get excited, you can ooze lubrication, too. I’ll check.” Lin squeezed the base of his cock between her finger and thumb and ran them the length of his urethra to the tip. “Here’s some. It’s clear and sticky, but oh, when it’s spread on you, it’s so stimulating.” With the tip of her index finger, she spread the ooze on the head. Then she massaged the tip. “It’s that more sensitive?”

Ken pulled at the bedding and tightened every muscle. “I-It sure is.”

Lin eased up and slowly milked him while she talked. “Yours is made for a specific function and mine is, too. So I won’t call yours a crank, and you shouldn’t refer to mine as a crotch. No wonder you’ve had relationship problems. If you promise to behave yourself, I’ll give you a personal anatomy lesson.”

“I-I promise.” Ken’s body was tense, and his cock throbbed.

Lin took of her panties. “I’m gonna sit on your chest, so be careful where you point your penis. I don’t want any ass-poking.” She straddled his face–Ken’s eyes widened when Lin’s pussy passed within licking-distance–and sat on his chest. When her butt made contact with his chest hair, she couldn’t help but wiggle a bit.

“What you doing?”

“Your hair tickles, that’s all.” She knelt on her left knee and pushed up with her right foot on the bed, exposing herself in plain view. “Turn on that desk light and shine it between my legs.”

Ken did as she instructed.

Then as if a classroom instructor, Lin began his anatomy lesson by pointing to her crotch. “This whole area from top to bottom is called the vulva.”

Ken nodded, eyes glued. “Vulva. Hey, when did you start shaving?”

“When we started school. Seems all the girls do, so I did, too. Focus, Ken! Focus.”

“Okay, I’m focused,” he said with a grim. “Vulva. Got it.”

“Wipe that grin off your face. You’re not focusing. You think this is one big joke, don’t you?”

“You don’t understand, Sis. I have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen within grasp, and you’re telling me to focus. Believe me; I’ve never been more focused on anything.”

“Okay, Bro, don’t pop your load. Just listen up.”

Lin pointed to her pussy. “On either side, these larger mounds are my labia major.” Lin spread herself; she was still quite wet. Ken’s eyes got wider. “And the inner folds are my labia minor. The opening in the middle is my vagina.” Then she inserted the tips of two fingers. Ken gulped. More wetness. “The small pea-sized bump under this shroud of skin, is my clitoris,” Lin said, rubbing it. Her body tensed. “It’s very sensitive and swells and becomes even more sensitive when I’m aroused.” Lin didn’t realize she was aroused until she touched her clit, and it sent passion waves rebounding.

By now, Ken’s eyes were like saucers. “You’re so beautiful, Sis.” He leaned his head forward. “It’s the most beautiful… Can I smell your fingers?”

Lin held her fingers under her nose and scrunched her face. “No, you can’t smell my fingers. Why would you want…?” She recognized the puppy-dog eyes Ken always had when he wanted something bad. “Okay… Oh, I get it. Here.” Lin put her fingers under Ken’s nose.

Ken sniffed deeply, taking in her scent and analyzing the intricate combination of secretions that uniquely identified Lin’s pussy.

Lin bent over for quick look. “But I think it’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“You saw yourself?”

Lin put down her leg and sat on Ken’s chest. “Yeah. Once after I shaved it the first time, I held a small mirror and looked. I can’t understand why men find it so attractive.”

While she talked, Ken sniffed all sides of Lin’s fingers and then licked them.

Lin pulled her fingers back. “I didn’t say you could lick them.”

“You smell and taste so good.”

“I don’t understand that about men. Seems so gross to me.”

Lin put on her panties, and Ken returned the lamp to the desk. She lay next to him, using his arm and shoulder as a pillow.

“Okay, I’ll backup the video and tell me what you see.”

Ken intently watched the action in the video. “He is kissing her labia major. She spread her legs as wide as she could. He is kissing all over of her vulva and… Now he’s licking her. His tongue seems to be exploring every fold, every nook and cranny… He’s sucking her clitoris. She’s writhing.”

Lin stopped the video. Ken was restless.

She looked at him. “What’s the matter, now?”

“I’m so hard, I ache.”

“Hold on, Ken. Your lesson’s almost over, and then you can go take care of it.”

“Easy for you to say,” said Ken while he cradled his balls. “Here’s where it hurts.”

Lin looked at Ken’s cock and balls and sighed. “Keep focused…”

Ken let his balls drop and leaned toward Lin’s iPad. “I’m trying.”

Lin started the video, again. “You see that he hasn’t gotten his penis anywhere near her vagina, yet. This is all foreplay, the woman’s anticipation of what’s to come. Don’t rush this part. Sometimes it takes a while to get the fire burning.”

Ken bit his lower lip. “I don’t know. I’ll mess it up somehow. There’s so much to remember. I don’t know much about cars, just where to put the key in to start the engine and where to step on the gas. Why do I have to know all your parts?”

Lin tossed the iPad aside and sat up. “First of all, you won’t mess it up. Second, girls aren’t cars. We’re delicate creatures with feelings, and if you care one iota about us, you’ll make an effort to understand how our parts work.”

“Sorry, Sis.”

“Okay, here’s what we’ll do. You can practice on me.”

Ken sat up, facing Lin. “What?”

“I’ll keep my panties on, and I’ll walk you through the process, step by step.”

Ken shook his head. “I don’t know about that. You’re my sister, and I’m so hard now… And already ache.”

Lin put her hand on Ken’s shoulder. “Come on, Ken. Do you want to learn or not?”

Ken sheepishly said, “I guess I do.”

“Throw the covers on the floor. What do you do, first?”

“Well… I have to approach you from your feet and gently spread your legs a little.”

Lin lay on the bed, legs together. “Good. Now do it.”

Ken crawled on all fours to Lin and spread her legs a little. His cock was throbbing and bouncing as he advanced. Lin couldn’t take her eyes off it.

Lin put two fingers in her mouth and began sucking them. “O-Okay. What do you do next?”

“I begin kissing your inner thighs toward your vulva, spreading your legs more.” Ken kissed Lin’s inner thighs and spread her legs for more room as he approached her panties’ gusset. He stopped to smell her wet panties, her scent.

Lin bit her fingers. “V-Very good. And?”

Ken moved closer, and pressed the bridge of his nose into the material where her clit should be. Lin flinched. He did it again, rubbing up and down. Lin squirmed. He sucked the wetness of her panties.

“Ooooh, that wasn’t in the video…”

Ken ignored her. “Then I kiss your labia major and…”

Panting, Lin said, “T-This won’t work with my panties on.”

“You sure?”

Lin ran her fingers through Ken’s hair like a comb. “Yes. Take off my panties.”

Ken sat up.

“But do it slowly. It’s all part of the foreplay.”

Ken slowly slid his hands up her legs to the top of her panties. He hooked his fingers over the elastic and gently tugged downward. When they slid over her butt, he stopped and kissed her belly. She flinched each time his lips touched her soft flesh.

She was tingling and wanting his big cock in her, but he was her brother. The dildo would get a workout after he left.

Ken pulled them another couple of inches and stopped. He kissed the exposed flesh. He drew her legs up, bent her knees, and removed her panties. Before tossing them aside, he sniffed them, savoring her scent and tasting the sticky wetness on the inside of the gusset.

“What are you doing?”

“Codifying you in my memory banks.”


“Remembering, dear Sister, remembering this moment.” Ken tossed her panties next to his clothes.

“You didn’t see that in the video. It was wonderful.”

Ken smiled. “I improvised.”

“Well… You did a good job. Keep it up.”

“Now, I kiss your labia and lick them and explore every fold.”

Lin cooed and groaned. A few different guys had made love to Lin several times before, but none of them had taken the time for foreplay like this. Her whole anatomy was responding: major and minor labia were swelling, clitoris was engorging, and vagina was flexing. All the while, secretions were lubricating, everything was on standby, ready to go. “G-Good. Keep going.”

Ken moved a tongue’s length from her. “I suck on your clitoris and keep licking you.”

Lin moaned and grabbed his hair with both hands, pulling him into her crotch. With every touch, her clit sent pulses that triggered spasms, and she jerked in response.

Ken’s mouth was dripping with saliva and pussy juice, and he licked his lips as if it was candy. He thrust his nose into her for another whiff of her scent. “Am I doing it right?”

Lin grabbed the bedding and tugged. “Y-Yes.” She rolled her hips under his tonguing. “More tongue in my vagina would be nice…”

Ken obliged and thrust his wet, hot tongue as deep as he could, flicking it snake-like in and out and around the opening.

“Oooh, that’s right.” Lin arched her back and bit her lip. She’d never experienced anything like this and there was more to come… at least she hoped there would be. “M-More kissing… More l-licking… More s-s-sucking…”

Ken switched between tasks faster and faster, until, to Lin, they became one continuous act. Her brain’s pleasure centers were screaming; she cupped her hands over her mouth so she wouldn’t, but she muffled a shriek, anyways. “Y-You’re doing fine… OMG!”

Ken pushed up at arm’s length, puzzled. “We stopped the video. What do you want me to do next?”

Lin bit her lip. “Put your cock in me, that’s what! I want you to fuck me till I scream. You got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, and I want it, I want every fucking inch of it. I want your crank to turn my love-engine, and your dipstick to check my fluid levels. I want…”

“Why are you talking dirty?”

Lin grinned. “Dirty makes me cum.”

“So you want me to fuck you? Sure?”

Lin nodded her head. “Uh huh…” Lin had no doubt that she wanted Ken’s big cock in her. Damned if he was her brother, she was on the verge of exploding and the biggest, hardest cock she’d ever seen was for the asking. She’d deal with the guilt later. This was animal lust, pure and simple: stick in in and take me home.

“Y-Yes. I’ll guide you.” Lin reached out her hand. “But do it slowly. No need to rush…”

Ken climbed to her on all fours. He lowered his hips and brought his cock to her pussy, and Lin took it and rubbed her wetness all over the head. He advanced to her box.

“That’s it…” Lin guided the head to her vag. “Push it in a little…”

Ken rocked his hips forward.

“Now, in and out… A little at a time… Go deeper each time…”

Ken rocked his hips.

“Gently… Let it get the wetness it needs for lubrication.”

Ken took his time, and as his shaft gathered lubrication, he went deeper. “

Lin felt the muscles of her box expand to accommodate Ken. They’d never stretched this far before, and they were tightly gripping him. “Oh, you’re so big, Bro. I had no idea how hung you were…” When Ken penetrated her an inch or so, Lin felt a twinge shoot through her body. She’d never felt that when having sex.

“Ken, take it out, please.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I want to check out something. Start putting it in–rock back and forth–going a little deeper each time.”

“Like this?”

“Stop. Just rock back and forth.” Lin rocked her hips, changing the angle of insertion.

“What’s up, Sis?”

“I found my G-spot.”

“Your what?”

“Never mind, keep going… In, out… Deeper… Deeper… There, I think you’re all the way in… How’s that feel?”

“You’re so warm… so wet… so tight…”

“Now, rock your hips, in and out until you can’t go any deeper… That’s it, you’re there.”

“I hate to ask, but I feel like I need a kiss. Can I kiss you?”

“You sure can. I needed one, too.” Their lips met, and their tongues met in a slow, long, wet kiss.

Ken drew up his legs frog-like to take his weight off Lin, and he raised up on his elbows. “Why did you decide to go all the way?”

Lin smiled. “You were so gentle with me, and you got me so excited with the foreplay, I couldn’t help it. But you’re not finished, yet. The key to successful fucking is slow and gentle at first, building the level of arousal, but when both are ready for the climax, fast, bold strokes will do the trick. Tonight, we’ll stick with one position, tomorrow, we’ll try something different.”

Ken looked bewildered. “Tomorrow?”

“Brother, you’re a gem in the rough, and I intend turning you into a first-class lover, that is if you’re willing.”

“I’m willing.”

“Okay… Google sex positions, and we’ll try several–one each night.”


“Don’t worry about tomorrow. Concentrate on now… You can pick up the pace anytime.”

Ken’s hip thrusts were faster. “How’s this?”

“Little faster… T-That’s better… Now, faster… Faster…” Lin rocked her hips to match his rhythm.

While Ken was pumping, Lin said, “Here’s something women like… Withdraw your wood… Did you hear a kissing sound?”

“Yeah. I did.”

“My lady v didn’t want you to leave. Thrust into me as deep as you can, and pull it out, again. Listen for her kiss.”

“I hear it.”

“Do it several times. The head rubs my jewel when you go back in and sends waves of passion.”

Lin dug her heels into Ken’s rump. “Hey. Why’d you do that?”

“Girls encourage their boys to go deeper. Usually, they’re too timid, so we help. Did you go deeper?”

“I sure did. When you first heeled me, I lunged forward like a horse out of the starting gate. I knew I couldn’t go any deeper when I ran out of organ to give you.”

“That was the whole idea.”


“No… Just trying to get the most out of the coupling. A gal never knows long or brief it’ll be.”

Ken stopped and awaited more instructions. “Okay, now what?

“Slide your body up on me a little so your whang bends slightly when it enters. That maximizes my stimulation. And do it faster, now.”

“How’s this?” Ken’s boner slid over Lin’s love-bud with each thrust of his hips.

“W-Wonderful… Wonderful.”

“Are you ready? I can’t hold it much longer.”

“Y-Yes… Cum… Cum!” Lin felt Ken’s warm juices of life spurt deeper inside her than she’d ever felt before. Her cupcake clamped around his pulsating rod, and she felt the head swell with each gush of semen. Once, twice… six times, filling her unexplored regions where no man had gushed before. She gasped and shuttered.

At the same time, Ken’s muscles spasmodically contracted, ejaculating and thrusting him deeper into Lin, pushing her cervix up to make room for his large tool. The cycle of contracting, ejaculating, and thrusting continued until he had dumped six loads into the far end of her twat. Then he collapsed on her, their lips and tongues meeting, again.

“Thanks, Sis. You’re the greatest teacher. But now I’m not sure I’ll ever want to fuck another woman after you. They could never be as wonderful as you.”

“Yes, you will. When the first tight-assed, bouncing-boobs babe jogs by, your penis will yell, ‘Let’s go get her.’”

Ken chuckled and started to withdraw.

Lin wrapped her arms around Ken’s neck and dug her heels in his rump. “No, you don’t. Don’t leave me, yet. Stay in me.”

“But we had our climaxes.”

Lin stared into Ken’s eyes. “I had my first one; there may be more.”

“What should I do?”

Lin kissed him on his nose. “Push in me like you’re trying to get deeper and deeper. You still have a partial erection; put every bit of it to good use. Your girlfriend will appreciate it.”

Ken slid up on Lin a bit and with his softening cock, gently rocked, putting maximum pressure on her clit. “Like this?”

Lin held on tight and kept digging her heel in. “Y-Yes. Then circle your hips a little to keep rubbing my swollen clit. That’s right… Little faster… Feel how lady v has clamped tight on your wood? She’s sucking sperm out of you and trying to keep you erect. She wants it all!”

“Yeah. I feel it.”

“Most guys drop their load and leave, and they miss the beauty of this moment…”

Ken’s cock was shrinking, and Lin’s vag was releasing its grip on him. But he kept as much pressure on her clit as he could.

“Keep moving…” Lin squirmed, moaned, and held on tight. “Oh, Ken. I’m having another.” Her body spasmed. “Stay with me… Stay…”

Ken’s cock was softening by the moment, but he kept gyrating his flesh against her.

“That’s it… That’s it… OMG!” Waves of pleasure overwhelmed her like hurricane-force waves crashing on the shore. “It’s more intense than the last one.” A CAT-5 hurricane! “Oooh, Ken, rock me… Rock meeee…!”

Ken’s cock retreated from Lin’s vag and smoosh limply against her pussy on his last thrust. “Oh, no, I’m spent. I’m sorry, Sis. I tried, but I ain’t got nuthin’ left for ya.”

Lin sank into the pillow, belly quivering, chest heaving. She crossed her legs, capturing his limp cock. “You did fine. That’s natural for guys. It’s up to us gals to revive you.” She kissed him on the nose.

“What do you mean?”

“You never had a blowjob?”

“Nope. Never did.”

Lin released her grip on Ken, and he rolled off her. “We’ll try it sometime.” Lin stuffed a few more tissues in her crotch. “Gotta go shower. Wanna tag along? You never know what might happen.”

Ken’s eyes widened. “Sure.”