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She was so smart always been, i like her alot she was a tall blond women with such a nice rack of tits , in the summer i always like when she would play in the pool with me

I was called at her place to help her with some boxes in the garage


”does you mom knows you like to wear her panties?”


”dont be shy, i was coming to see her the other fay and i saw you in her room trying her panty”

”ohhhh please dont tell her i was just curious, it feel smooth i dont know why ”

”you are cute dont be shy its ok, i tought you were cute in panty”

”woud you like to have your own? i could help you choose some , i wont tell your mom ”


”maybe i dont know”

i followed her to her room

”this is all too small for me nowadays, maybe you can try some you like for me”

”… not sure”

”oohh comon we are alone no one will know but me, please here let me help you naked”

”just look at these tits you stare at when iam in my bikini with ur mom in the pool”

her nice big boobs in s white bra suddenly out of her shirt

”get in panty and i show you mine”

”your tits are so nice”

letting her to remove my shirt and pants

”boxer are so boring , here lets get you in cute panty”

”ohhhhh Alex your litle cock is hard!”

”what is this….you bad little boy ,you so quick in panty to hide this small hard cock ”

i pull em fast on me. red little string with the front hiding my littler cock, making a cute bulge in the panty, fitting perfect 

”i like this, you are so cute in panty, ever tought of sucking on your friends at night….or did you suck one before?”

”no no never, i dont suck cock”

”ohhhh dont lie to me, you must dream of big juicy cocks when you are in panty , i sure do love them big and juicy”

”no no its not true”

”i never sucked my friends”

”here this is the matching camisole , arms up ”

”my god you so cute as a girl, here look at mine”

she was in a white lacy panty

puting it to the side getting out a very big brown cock toy
”my pussy so wet looking at you”

holding the cock sliding her hand on it made me see the other side of the balls on her crotch was a cock too

double side strapless cock , i never have seen or imagine before

”….what i dont , what is this”

”its so good, one side is in me , i like to stroke it slowly, made me feel evrything i do to this hot cock’

”here suck on it, you will watch my pussy get it in as you move your mouth”

she had me so hypnotize by her open pussy cock toy

i move it with my hand and she moan

spreading all her legs, my legs plying under her hand

her tits out for me to touch 
mouth around her cock looking at her hot body

”ohhh baby suck the cock for me, feels so good, suck the big cock for me”

”yes good little cock sucker, open wide let me in that cute boy mouth”

”oh you are co good at sucking cock , you said you didt like it, i think you are ”

”i think you need a big cock secret friend to suck , in cute panty pleasing his big cock in secret”

”you look so happy sucking , iam right , you want to suck cock in secret for me?”

”if i show you , your aunt been a very bad girl you wont tell anyone right ?

”ok wait here ”

and she walk in holding the hand of 2 naked very hard and dripping cock black boys

both wearing virtual head set

whispering to my ear 
”all they see is a beautifull blond girl . let them have fun ”

both getting closer to the teen sexy girl 

”ohhhh this is so cool bro, she is so hot”

”dude i can see you too, damn this is nice look at her watching your cock, you think shes real ?”

”i dont know bro your the one who answer the add, i tought wed get a massage with these on”

”i dont know man she looks real cute”

getting closer his cock up 

”suck my cock if you are real”

”ohhhhh fuck duddde she is , omg im getting suck bro , this is nice, yes try my friend cock cute girl”

”holy fuck this is weird, im really getting suck by her, who are you . you suck real nice , dude look at her she just here to suck cock ”

both big black cock switching place in my mouth , head share on my knees between them

”fuck me please i love big black cocks”

i never said those word but in the virtual world, the cute white teen giggle asking to be fuck smilling mouth glittering precum 

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pussy up . about to be ramm like a wet cunt 

”dude there some lube here that appear , get that pussy im next”

”he yo you saw the points shit on the screen , look i git point for lubbing her up , this shit crazy its a game bbrooo”

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my aunt sit masturbating watching me squeal and plead them to be gentle

slamming cocks in me calling me names , just using me like the girl they see 

the more i try to talk the more the teen blond asked to be fuck in the game

both making points when they had me spitroast just taking boy hard bog cock in me 

but the game suddenly stop

they removed the set and watch me, the young white dude who live next door

dress in red lingery moaning between them

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”broooo this is Alex look at him. fuck hes so cute, you are a slut Alex?”

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”shit Alex im cuming in you , take it , fuck yes yake it”

”ohhhh shit bro me too lets fill him up”

both pouring cum in me both sides

grunting having fun discovering i was taking cum in me

”shit, alex you liked this?”

”bro he was moaning like a girl he sure did”

”alex tell them you are just a girl and they can do this all the time”

both looking at my hot aunty 

tits out walking to the boys

”wich one of you is going to lick my pussy and wich one my ass?”

doggy infront of them

pulling her panty down

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