Wife describes bar hook up

My wife has dressed up sexy and had gone to a local western bar to have a drink and relax. I stayed home having to finish some work. When she came home 4 hours later with her hair mussed and her skirt wrinkled I thought she had been in an accident or something but then she told me the story of her night out. She was sitting at the bar with her short skirt and high heels letting all the men there see what a gorgeous woman she is. She said that she was minding her own business but sometimes looking in the bar mirror to get a glimpse of the other people in the room. After 3 margaritas she starts feeling a little drunk and has noticed a guy in a cowboy hat and boots that has been giving her the eye for awhile. She knew he was watching her watching him in the mirror and decided to give him a smile and a wink just to tease him. He took the hint and came over and asked her to dance. There was a slow country ballad playing on the jukebox and she thought what the hell. They went out onto the dance floor and he pulled her close to him. He whispered in her ear about how damn sexy she was and what a great body she had. Evidently he was getting aroused and she says that she could feel his cock against her leg. She was curious about him for his penis appeared rather large from the feel of it. Being tipsy she let him know what she was wondering about and giggled. He suggested that they go to the restroom and he would let her take a peek at it. He pulled her by the arm to the restrooms in the back and then to a stall and shut the door. My wife was getting excited despite being a happily married woman. He watched her unbutton his fly and zip down his jeans. He pushed the jeans down to show his boxers with a big bulge in them. Go ahead he said take a look. She found that she could hardly wait to see, She slid down the boxers and saw a thick penis the size of a smaller cucumber. He wasn’t fully erect so it hung out in front of him half hard but pointing toward the ground with the head half covered by a foreskin. He moved her to sit on the toilet and told her to get it hard for him. She wrapped her hand around and felt it pulsing. She moved her hand up and down watching the foreskin move back to expose the bullet shaped head. He was fully erect in no time.

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He wanted her to suck him off so she took as much as she could in her mouth tasting him and his musky manhood but she couldn’t get it in her mouth too far and stated she was unable to do it (but really she didn’t want him to cum in her mouth). She offered to jerk him off but he wouldn’t have it and demanded she bend over the toilet and present her wet pussy. No she said my pussy is only for my husband. He was getting angry and she could see there was no way out of this without trouble. She calmed him down by stroking his cock very slowly and asking him if he ever fucked a woman in the butt before. He became a little red faced and told her no I have not. No woman will let me even try. My wife reached down into her purse and came out with a small bottle of hand lotion and stated I will let you will that work?. She started messaging his cock while lathering on the hand lotion. His penis was fat in the middle but smaller at the head and at the base but when hard it was as big around as a soda can in the middle. She didn’t know if she could take it but she knew she had no choice. She stood and lifted her skirt and pushed her panties and hose down to her knees. She turned around and leaned over the toilet bracing herself against the wall for what was to come. She waited there with her private parts exposed knowing that she had committed to this and no matter what she would be getting her butt fucked tonight. He moved in behind her and she felt his cock brush against her back end. She reached down between her legs and grasped his big member and guided it to her little anus and held her breath. He was very excited and leaned into her and pushed gently. Despite trying not to, she yelped, and tried to move but he held her while he waited to let her get used to the pressure. The head finally made it past her little sphincter muscle and slowly he moved back and forth getting a little more of his prick in each time. She held her breath trying not to move as the pain from the invader went all the way through her. When she felt his balls slapping against her pussy she felt relief and the pain started easing away and then the pleasure began. She thought about how hot it was that she could take this guy that no one else could and started pushing back against him. She started cumming within a minute and he barely lasted longer. She felt the fullness in her butt and the liquid ooze of his cum as he thrust a few times more after his climax. She did not move just stayed bent over feeling his cock pulsing in her while her after shocks pushed out some of his seed past the penis stuck there. Because of the middle thickness it was like being stuck together and she couldn’t get away yet even if she wanted to. Gradually he started to shrink and her convulsions pushed him out with a plop sound. She turned and saw his fat penis hanging down and dripping. She could see that he and his penis were 100% satisfied. She pulled up her panties with much of his cum still in her and a small amount leaking out onto her panties and leg. Smoothed down her dress and left him there to come home to me. After she told me the story she pulled up her skirt and I could see the cum soaked panties. She pulled them off and lifted her skirt while bending over and putting her hands on the bed. She asked me to please fuck her pussy hard. I could see her ravaged anus still gaped open a little. More cum trailed out of it to her pussy. I dropped my pants and moved into her. She was very wet. I fucked her hard and pushed my fingers into her ass feeling the ease of insertion with amazement. I made her tell about what it was like getting fucked up the butt by a big cocked stranger. She came each time I made her think about seeing the stranger’s cock. Her orgasms squeezed my penis so hard I shot a huge load of cum into her little pussy. I stayed inside her and she felt me pulsing over and over in her. Each time shooting more of my spunk into her. When I was through with her pussy I pushed her face down on our bed and climbed on top of her to hold her down. I was hard again and shoved my cock into her ass as hard as I could. She yelped and squirmed but I kept pushing deeper into her for several minutes. I rolled over and ordered her to kneel on the floor between my legs as I sat on the edge of the bed. I grabbed your head and forced her to take my penis in your mouth while still covered in both my and the strangers come. How does it taste I asked. You are going suck me off and take every drop of my cum. Her eyes full of tears she sucked me and massaged my balls until I pushed her head all the way down and came hard again into her hot sexy mouth. Afterwards I licked her pussy and ass till she came one last time. We were both satisfied and cleaned up in the shower and slept well that night.