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My body knew that tonight was the night my cherry got popped, it felt right, I wanted it.And needed it. I started masturbating at the age of 15, to be honest that was pretty old in comparison to some girls my age, but once I started I never wanted to stop, every night after school

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“I didn’t know you had chest hair.” Lin was eying Ken’s well-formed pecs she’d traced earlier through his tee. She sucked on her fingers and thought, Ken is one… fine… specimen. Now, she didn’t have to touch herself to tingle, tingles radiated from her clit all by themselves. The slighted movement of her legs, cause

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My wife has dressed up sexy and had gone to a local western bar to have a drink and relax. I stayed home having to finish some work. When she came home 4 hours later with her hair mussed and her skirt wrinkled I thought she had been in an accident or something but then

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She was so smart always been, i like her alot she was a tall blond women with such a nice rack of tits , in the summer i always like when she would play in the pool with me I was called at her place to help her with some boxes in the garage ”does

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Mark looked at his mother’s naked body through the crack in the door. Their holiday in Spain had been arranged to take Helens minds off work  A fortnight in Spain. “Let’s recharge the batteries,” she’d said, “and just chill – you and me, the sun, the sea and the sand.” In Mark’s mind the added